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question Domains which just expired are being sold rather fast

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This is intriguing, I have witnessed it quite a lot.

Some com domains don't get any offers or interest after 1 or 2 years in in holding, but when they expire they suddenly get sold in Afternic (paid redemption fee but still profit). (Edit: didn't manage to sell them at clearance so they went in expiration)

Usually it's $199 or $299 clearance price on those. And in my case sale is on Afternic but parking on Dan.

I've been thinking that someone has watched them for a bit, perhaps undecided and/or awaiting for the price to go even lower, then once the domain is no longer active they probably panic of losing the ability to buy it (perhaps expiring and ending in a dropcatch auction or owned by someone else) so they jump to buy.

Does this make sense to you?
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just like some of us, who wait for offers...
there are others,
who wait for domains to expire

then too, i could be just because the domain/s are in a list of expiring or expired names.
a lot of sales are emotional purchases, spur of the moment actions.
and others can be about domains one has thought about buying for some time.

a few domains i dropped last year, were sold on NJ and they didn't get any offers either.
but i did get a % from those sales

so, you never know motive of buyer, until after.

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