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Hey, noticed within the last week when I search a keyword, usually a domain name like "example" parenthesis included, the total result count has been removed using Google.

Just me, or everyone else? This was kinda handy for me in terms of in pricing and knowing the reach a certain name has had across the web with results that have been indexed.

Do realize it was kind of wonky anyways, many times you dig deep into results and after like 10 or 20 pages you get the message "results have been omitted due to.."

Also page sectionalizing have been removed, eg, page 1, 2, 3, 4 etc it's all just one big scroll now.

Big deal or nah?

Have found that many of the domains I have sold are directly correlated to the number of search results for example my domain "example1" with 200M results far more likely to sell than "example2" with only 200k results.
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Noticed the same, since yesterday I think.
Thanks good to know. Sure many hardcore will scoff at this being used as an indicator but for me it was a quick and easy and had served well.

Maybe this will just be another trial by the big G but looks likes they've been phasing out for a number of years now.

Found a relevant article or two, apparently hitting the "Tools" button on top after the query shows total results. It works!

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As HotKey pointed out, the number is just moved under "Tools". It hasn't been removed.
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