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Account Suspended (Warnings)

Takehome messages:
1. Expired domain abuse is where an expired domain name is purchased and repurposed primarily to manipulate Search rankings by hosting content that provides little to no value to users, BUT It's fine to use an old domain name for a new, original site that's designed to serve people first.

2. Scaled content abuse is when many pages are generated for the primary purpose of manipulating Search rankings and not helping users.

3. Site reputation abuse is when third-party pages are published with little or no first-party oversight or involvement, where the purpose is to manipulate Search rankings by taking advantage of the first-party site's ranking signals, BUT Sometimes called "native advertising" or "advertorial", this kind of content typically wouldn't confuse regular readers of the publication when they find it on the publisher's site directly or when arriving at it from Google's search results.

4. We do have some site-wide signals that are also considered. Please note: some third-party services provide "reputation" or "authority" scores for sites. These don't correspond to any of Google's own signals nor come from Google. ie MOZ scores are not representative of Google's signals despite being used liberally in this forum. Notice they do not talk about Trust scores!

5. Many publications host coupons for their readers. If the publication is actively involved in the production of the coupon area, there's no need to block this content from Google Search.

6. Many sites have been deindexed manually in the past but now the update can deindex depending on the spam profile.

7. Deindexing is rapid

8. Quality trumps Quantity - use E-E-A-T principles
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