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Now that we have N number of extensions available for registration in the market, there are many extensions which have only few imp keyword names registered.

  1. Is it possible for the respective registry to announce discontinuation of those extensions after a particular day just because those extensions were not successful?

  2. If yes, what would be the case of those domain names registered under those extensions and running a business on the websites built on them?

  3. Any instance of domain extensions discontinuation in the past and if yes, which extensions were they?
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According to an article, yes it could be a TLD is discontinued.. All registrants has given time to migrate to new domains off course. Especially with NFTs Domain like .eth, .zil etc. those are not regulated by ICANN, the registrars have possibility tou discontinue the service. But as it is in blockchain, should be still available. The Domain Names hosted in internet mostly regulated by ICANN or Country. But if the registrars discontinued the service, the domains will be disappeared from existance too, except someone self hosting on internet I think..

After Web 3 development, there are 2 kinds of domain names:

- hosted in internet server
- hosted in blockchain

NFTs domain name are hosted in blockchain, but as NFT it should be able to be stored at Crypto Wallet or Cold Wallet I think. So not depend to registrars

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