strategy Diversifying From A Sub-Niche To A Cross-Niche Campaign

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In an earlier article, I wrote about breaking down a niche into sub-niches, micro-niches, and nano-niches for a more targeted audience. (Read: Breaking Down A Niche). I was inspired to write this article about diversifying from a sub-niche campaign to a cross-niche campaign after a few random comments on FaceBook with Mike Mann.
While I am a firm believer that sub-niches, micro-niches, and nano-niches have good conversion rates with a lower amount of targeted viewers needed, I’m also a believer that cross-niches open the door to a whole new line of potential customers.
While cross-niche diversifying may not be for everyone, it’s pretty clear to me that the benefits of it are worth the research and development. Try to avoid completely unrelated niches clashing together. It’s one thing to have a complementary cross-niche that solves problems for existing customers and another to slap unrelated niches together that confuse your customers with lack of targeting.
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