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Well. we knew this was coming...........

Dan Commission Update

As a valuable seller, you appreciate the importance of a seamless marketplace that offers easy, fast and secure domain ownership transfers. At Dan, that's been a core part of our mission as we strived to reinvent the domain trading experience.

By joining forces with GoDaddy, we aim to create the best end-to-end solutions to trade and monetize domains for domain owners around the world. Here are some examples of how we’re doing just that from our recent product updates.

Enabling access to Afternic’s distribution network to increase your sales velocity

Revamping the Buyer Control Panel to better manage conversations and lease-to-own conversion

Integrating GoDaddy CashParking to connect directly to your Dan landers

Making portfolio management improvements so it’s easier to manage your domains

Unveiling access to Dan brokerage specialists to increase your chance of selling and selling price since you can outsource your negotiation to the best

And, we’re just getting started!

Together, we plan to bring the best of each into a unified platform that serves your best interest.

As we work towards a unified platform, it’s important to align the disparate commission models currently in place. On February 1, 2023, the following commission structure will go into effect.

15% commission for domains sold that are pointed to nameservers at Dan, Afternic, or Uniregistry; regardless of where it sells on the network or through the landers directly.

25% commission for domains sold that are not pointed to nameservers at Dan, Afternic, or Uniregistry.

*Note: Import your own leads will continue to operate at the 5% commission rate

This new commission model rewards sellers choosing to do more business with our platform by using any of our For Sale Lander options and opt-in to Afternic’s Distribution network. If your domain points to one of our nameservers (Dan, Afternic, or Uniregistry) when it sells, then you automatically receive a 15% commission rate. For those already using Afternic’s distribution network, this provides a significant reduction in commission rate versus the 20% charged by Afternic.

Our goal with this change is to align with other marketplaces and reflect the value provided to Dan customers, including automated payout and domain transfers, advanced portfolio management and near 24x7 customer support.

We didn’t take this step lightly. We carefully reviewed numerous options. Here’s one example of impact to an average seller who sales 40% of their domains on Dan and 60% on Afternic.
This updated commission model can become even more advantageous when utilizing Lease-To-Own options where we will continue to split the service fees with the seller.

For those not yet using the Afternic distribution network, we highly recommend opting in today so you can see the increased sales for yourself. You opt into Afternic by following the directions here (

Our focus on creating the best unified platform for you is an important output of this change. Here is a quick preview what’s coming soon:

Adding Lease-To-Own to Dan’s lead importer, expanding two of our most popular services to create more liquidity for your domains.

Leveraging new data tools to optimize our sales lander conversion to increase your sell-through rate

Experimenting with up-front down payment options to help reduce the cancellation rate on Lease-To-Own transactions and provide more flexibility for sellers.

Happy Selling!

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