NameSilo confiscated temporarily by Spanish Government.

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    The domain has zero value so reg fee would be fair :)
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    i dont know, he said he had an offer of $10k, i was just going off of that, you might be right or there might be a better value from appraisal. ty
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    Can happen with gTLDs too. There were some cases where .COM domain names were seized/made inactive because the registrant was dealing with Cuba. This was when there was a ban on US commercial activity with Cuba. There are also discussions about domain names in gTLDs being deactivated within a business day if they are involved in malware or other iffy activity. With most TLDs, the registry can act quickly to deactivate or seize a domain name. It is often written into the contracts governing the administration of the TLD and also, with ccTLDs, into the legislation governing the ccTLD.

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    I was just kidding :) appraisal for names like this is hard. They can bring money when developed I guess. $10K seems a bit high especially concidering this thing might have passed next year.

    Saw a couple recent virus/Corona names on namebio. Low $xxx to low $xxxx.
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    There was talk about accepting the $10K offer but assuming this offer wasn't from Spanish Gov. It happened pretty quick. so even if I had accepted it. Deal would have not gone thru because as I said Marcaria just gave me notification AFTER the fact that they "borrowed" it.

    but...assuming it "was" an offer from Spain then yea. agreed should have taken it. but there was no way to know if the "threat" of "state of alarm" from the $10K inquiry was legit.

    I mean if I would take every "Scary" threat from every slick domainer trying to get a domain for cheap just so they can flip it for 10x. Then what am I doing being a domainer?

    As far as I knew I was being bullied into selling this domain. What domainer here will take the side of a bully? Also the inquiry came from a very odd email address. The email address was a name but the name of the name of the person who supposedly owned it was a different name.

    I was going to send the email in fact to spam and just ignore.

    I told the inquiry why their email looked odd and he gave me some half assed explanation that I really should not have believed but I played along.

    For me? Inquiries for this domain? I would have only taken serious an email that came from a legit private email address not a free gmail.

    But that's just me. So for anyone telling me I should have taken the $10K.

    Note that as per my rules. I usually ignore emails from free email services for my super premium domains.

    my not so good ones I'll let it slide......maybe.

    anyways. What's done is done. I've over it. Pissed. but I'll get over it.

    Return it or not. I consider this a loss. Nothing I can do really.

    Thanks for all the input NP. needed to blow off some steam.

    I wish Spain the best and hope they and the rest of the world survives this.
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    hmmm .... I was curious. I remembered thinking I forgot to register and checked it now and looks to be an italian coronavirus website. I guess it too was confiscated?

    Anyone else care to check other country extensions? if you are curious? would be interesting to note. Thanks.


    here's another one. This one seems to be some doctor either he bought it or registered it and is "donating" it to get the word out about coronavirus.

    Dr. Michael Stuller, psychotherapist and elective doctor for psychiatry in Vienna .

    I really hate to say this. but the seems the doctor IS helping but the skeptic in me will side comment that after this all blows over all of Austria will know his name. Can we ever really know a person's intentions when they do something?

    And on geez. check this one out. There's a cure for coronavirus.
    Vaccine development completed looks to either be owned by Google or the current owner redirected it to a Google search. developed. Jon Shultz Status?
    Updated On:

    redemptionPeriod selling T-shirts? and masks? Okay?? owned. but not by Gov. seems confiscated or donated to Ireland. owned by a domainer. developed. seems confiscated by Swiss Gov.

    same with

    surprised is not confiscated by China. And we all know China is China and can kill the domain owner and just take it. surprised they did not take it outright.

    Current owner does not seem to be from China either. confiscated? or developed? seems to be parked at a Czech company. Surprised that's not confiscated. seems to be owned and developed by "someone". developed. Not owned by gov. developed. not owned by Gov. developed it seems by current owner.

    Many of the ones I've mentioned above really surprises me as not being taken by Gov. Some are of the extension of countries that from my memory are the kind that would simply take anything for the hell of it. China especially.

    I wonder how come no in some cases above?
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    3,039 In this time of unprecedented crisis and chaos, the last thing the government of Spain wants to deal with and spend valuable time on is trying to buy a domain from a guy (with no relation to Spain) who's trying to capitalize on this unfortunate situation. Yes, you handregged it before an entire nation because you're a domainer and are actively looking for opportunities. Believe it or not, the rest of the world has other priorities other than domains and government decisions take time. It almost seems like you think that governments have a special fund that's dedicated to buying domains from opportunistic domainers, funds that can be accessed immediately. And for some reason you think that during a huge economic crisis Spain should be paying you 6 figures because it's a rich country. It's almost too ridiculous to believe.

    Every second this domain will be live will help save lives. Be glad that this domain will be used for a good cause and stop thinking about your bank account. I'm all for capitalism but you don't seem to have any red lines. This thing is bigger than all of us and we should all be there for one another and think about the wellfare of other people. I'm sorry but this whole thread really saddens me and the sort of sentiment you're expressing makes domainers look very very bad.
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    Just wanted to add that while I understand your disappointment after having a 10K offer- the bottom line is that you paid handreg fee and didn't capitalize in time on a decent offer for a potential great flip. You keep writing about goverments having tons of money to spend on jets and other things, but not on domains. In a previous thread you wrote similiar things about a big company that didn't make the kind of offer you wanted. Well...

    Should companies and governments make sure an appointed person or division grabs domains before they have to pay way more for them? Absolutely. But the great majority don't think about domains as a priority or understand their importance. They also likely don't know domainers exist until they run into them when they realize at some point that they need a domain that's owned by someone else.

    Nobody owes you or any domainer anything, whether it's a $50,000 company or $50,000,000 company or a government with unlimted resources. You're a guy who's trying to make a profit by identifying trends and buying cheap domains and the fact that companies/governments are slow to realize they need a url is what helps you make money and turn a domain that costs practically nothing into $10K or more overnight. So criticizing and ridiculing entities for the very thing that helps you make money seems somewhat strange to me.

    Either way, I think that during such a crisis- where so many people are getting sick and dying, the economy is crashing and all world order goes to hell, focusing so much on personal gain isn't something you should do. You'll have other opportunities and the domain was taken from you in order to save lives. It was done after you negotiated, likely with people from a government who's in the midst of an unbelievable disaster and don't have time to play around with someone who's considering offers while their country is going down the drain.

    I'll conclude by saying that I'm definitely not one of the priviliged or rich people you referred to in one of your posts, saying they'd be on Spain's side instead of the little guy's side. I wish I were rich. Priviliged- not so much. But I just think that in the face of such tragedy, being understanding and compassionate is important, especially when all you lost here is handreg fee and the potential for money, which with your skills you'll be able to make elsewhere.
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    I think confiscation is legal in all countries. Without confiscating lands how could you build roads, railroads, airports, dams etc.? Governments never give what they have confiscated back to its owner. They usually pay something even if it's very low amount. I think the main reason of payment might be to prevent losing in possible international courts.
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    Governents can always confiscate anything they want. State of emergency is not required, can only ease it.

    State of emergency is mostly to restrict basic constitutional rights of citizens such as travel, movement, education, communication rights, etc. So walking on the street can be illegal during state of emergency. Confiscation is an action of government not citizens. Hence it is always legal and emergency is not needed.
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    It is truly amazing the absolute lack of empathy and a general lack of sense of the worldwide pandemic - thousands of people dying of this virus ---- and not enough money, OR ads - ads on a Gov. crisis life or death website!!! Are you kidding? No public thank you or press release for "giving" it to them.

    Stunned really dont believe you are experiencing the same reality of what is going on.

    Spend time on wellness, health, recovery, supply chain, etc.. Positives, beneficial to society - not a quick lottery ticket or ADVERTISEMENTS on Spain's Life or Death crisis center on the web - for it's entire population. WOW>
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    ok guys. I know I look like an opportunist from my complaining and unsympathetic. and every other label you want to put on me.

    Let me give you all a reality check here. who will take sympathy for me actually forget me.I don't really care about what happens tome. what of my family? my family in these times?

    I'm lucky that I am a full time domainer and not like most who are losing their jobs right now with no help from the gov and no help from jobs. But that does not mean I am out of harms way as far as financially because I do everything myself and every day as far as sales is not guaranteed.

    I do believe this crisis will last a very long time.

    I also believe it will dry out the well of domain purchases.

    Also there seems to be this odd idea that I am taking away the benefit of this domain from the people of Spain.

    As if I were asking the people of Spain to give me $200,000 for out of their own pocket.

    But let's forget about all that talk about money making at this point because that's NOT what this is all about.

    Yea sure I wish I would have gotten some money for it for me to help support my family to make sure me and they aren't on the streets when this economy gets worse.

    People on here seems to assume I'm some rich guy or perhaps someone who will survive in this crisis and I am not in the same boat as everyone else.

    Is it wrong to want to have enough money in the bank during this crisis? so that your family won't have to worry? That money would have helped make sure if this crisis were to last 3 months or 6 months or 12 months or 10 years that my family would not have to worry much.

    no one really knows.

    You guys want to label me as some guy who wants to profit from the misery of others because of the keyword "coronavirus" in my domain.

    So let's talk then about "unsavory domains" that people register to sell or develop.

    1. R*pe 3,139 domain names
    2. Ch*ld Abuse 350 domain names
    3. Molested 37 domain names
    4. Cancer 25,258 domain names
    5. Death 17,985 domain names
    6. Asbestos 6,488 domain names
    7. accident 15,994 domain names
    8. Injury 11,699 domain names
    9. Malpractice 1,294 domain names
    10. hate 9,782 domain names
    11. racism 602 domain names
    12. n*zi 3,918 domain names
    13. poison 4,606 domain names
    14. flu 72,986 domain names
    15. Swine flu 211 domain names
    16. hiv 19,449 domain names
    17. aids 3,718 domain names
    18. suicide 3,364 domain names
    19. sexual harassment 404 domain names
    20. pain 93,639 domain names
    21. diabetes 19,728 domain names
    22. abuse 2,798 domain names
    23. Drug 37,888 domain names
    24. heroin 2,728 domain names
    25. cocaine 1,653 domain names
    26. ebola 6,168 domain names
    27. sars 2,175 domain names
    28. Murder 4,894 domain names
    29. crime 12,476 domain names
    30. debt 28,117 domain names Debt causes misery
    31. Genocide 437 domain names
    32. Leprosy 140 domain names
    33. War 184,102 domain names War causes misery
    34. Guns 13,773 domain names
    35. Virus (short for Coronavirus) 19,779 domain names
    36. x** 53,102 domain names
    37. Ad*lt 52,269 domain names
    38. P*rn 92,000 domain names
    39. herpes 2,530 domain names

    40. Trump 48,647 domain names
    41. Satan 3,854 domain names
    42. Smoking 9,542 domain names
    43. Vape 32,973 domain names
    44. Smoke 31,656 domain names People die from smoking every year. Misery
    45. vaping 3,666 domain names
    46. slave 4,479 domain names
    47. jav 56,017 domain names ( yes I know many can be longer than just JAV but you get it)
    48. an*l 47,275 domain names
    49. b*sm 6,465 domain names

    50. Kill 39,118 domain names
    51. Bet 381,149 domain names (gambling causes misery because people get addicted and start to bet beyond their means and go broke and end up homeless or worse.)
    52. Casino 71,491 domain names (same as above)
    53. Gambling 6,897 domain names (same as above)

    54. Coronavirus 7,031 domain names
    55. Corona 25,602 domain names
    56. Covid 7,794 domain names
    57. covid19 3,374 domain names

    Many domains are registered with the keywords above. Why? Many of these have caused misery since the dawn of time. yet many of these keywords have been registered in many extensions. why?

    you can "say" that many of these are being used to help people.Sure but in the light of day we "all" know what these domains were registered for.

    for example. Cancer. Cancer kills and has been killing people for a very very long time. Still is. Do we automatically label the registrant of such domains as some disgusting profiteer? Are they all donated to some organization?

    Most of these are owned by lawyers.


    Lawyer is a respectable profession is it not?

    How about diabetes? I have diabetes. many die from this eventually. Lose their eyesight and a leg. Misery.

    Asbestos Causes cancer. misery
    Accidents many accidents end in death. Misery
    Injury many injuries are painful and by default cause misery.
    Death Death is death. Can't be more misery than death. misery
    Guns Guns have killed more people than any Virus ever has or will. Misery

    Many many keywords. so much misery.

    I mean heck. even adult industry is not exempt from this. I know it's sexy but the things women and men are put thru in that industry just because they "need the money". that's misery.

    imagine some girl in Thailand who needs money to feed her family or kids giving her body to some fat hairy European man for just $25?

    that's misery.

    yet. this misery content seems acceptable these days. Everyone looks at this content but never think of the "cost" these "stars" have to pay just so you can get your "jollies"

    No one complains about domainers profiting from the sale of such domains. in fact there is a section dedicated to such domains on Namepros.

    what makes any different? because it is the current trending thing that's killing people?

    I get it guys. when a thread like this pops up people need to take sides and feel the need to speak out and take the moral high ground or risk being assumed they are "For" the registering of unsavory domains.

    it's good for business to throw another domainer under the bus to make yourselves look goods.

    Did I register with the hopes of selling it. Honestly? I don't really know anymore.

    Sometimes. when I get the idea to register a domain it's on my mobile when I'm about to go to bed tired and it's about 2-3 am Kinda like right now typing this.

    and registering a domain like coronavirus domain was just a quick reg and forget about it.

    really isn't as sinister as you guys are protraying it to be.

    When I register domains it's usually on impulse. after which I decide what to do with it.

    Did I really know know what I was going to do with it? not really. The basic idea is to sell it yes.

    but ideas change over time. One minute you reg a domain to sell the next you decide to develop. or even worse. you forget you own it.

    but if there's an offer for it. you're glad you have it.

    that's it in a nutshell. If you want to label that as sinister be my guest.

    it's all about getting it first and then figure out later. in this industry you need to act quick so at least you have options on what to do with it. As opposed to not having the options because someone else got it first.

    and based on the fact coronavirus got registered in pretty much all extensions it was a good idea. not that I can make money from it. but because I'm one of a handful of domainers who got to register an EMD before the registries got to it or someone else.

    I really did not know what I was going to do with the domains. Thinking now about it.
    The registries themselves should have purchased these domains back from me and used them for self promotion.

    Also, come to think of it. I haven't even actively marketed any of my coronavirus domains. so why is it automatically assumed my ultimate goal was to make a killing on these domains? I have an efty account. Never got around to even linking these domains to that.

    If anyone were to ask me about these domains personally yea sure I'd be happy if I sold this domain for big bucks. who wouldn't during these scary times? would be nice to have that money in the bank while the economy recovers and not have to worry about your family eating and bills paid.

    I'll admit. I feel attacked right now because of the opinions of a few.

    So let me throw some "logic" into the mix.

    anyone who is reading this thread right now and trying to figure out what to side to take based on the few opinions on here.

    because of the opinions here I feel singled out as "that one guy who registered a coronavirus domain and is wanting a big pay day"

    that's the opinion of a couple and I admit it's damning to my credibility as a domainer

    I see there are currently 64 replies to this thread. yea? let's assume all of them are against me. most likely this is true.

    most reading this will say "damn! 64 people against this guy? I guess that must be the concensus. So we should take the side of those 64 people because it's so many so they must be right."

    ok if this is how you all will "vote" I can respect that.

    but here is the thing. READY? are you listening? How many "coronavirus", "covid", "Covid19", "covid-19" domains are registered out there?

    Covid - 6,930 domain names
    Coronavirus - 6,756

    6756+6930= 13,686

    My point is simple. Whoever these 13,686 people or registries are. felt compelled to secure these domains. Sure some did so for humanitarianism but let's be real many expect to profit from it.

    But forget these 13,686 domains for a minute. Add up all the numbers above for all the "unsavory domains" I listed above. That number? It's going to be in the hundreds of thousands.

    That's hundreds of thousands vs. 64.

    each one of those are of the "opinion" FOR the registration of unsavory domains like Coronavirus.

    These registrants many are probably not on this forum to voice their opinion on registering coronavirus domains. OR because of how I am being witch hunted on here are SCARED to admit they own such domains.

    but NEVERTHELESS I count each registration as a an unspoken OPINION that is FOR the registration of coronavirus domains.

    64 opinions versus 13,686 silent opinions that we'll never hear from but STILL COUNT because hey. Each one of these "opinions" these registrants PAID FOR. It's literally a PAID OPINION.

    So in a way paid opinions carry more weight because it's not an opinion that people did not pay for.

    So if you are reading this and wondering about which side to take on this.

    Bear in mind the registrants of many of the 13,686 "coronavirus" domains have privacy on their domains for good reason given the replies on this thread. so there is a possibility many who are AGAINST the registration of coronavirus domains may probably own some coronavirus domains. We all know there are shady people among us.

    Just like how anyone on the street right now could have the coronavirus. Any domainer right now could have coronavirus domains and WE DON'T KNOW.

    In an industry where people shill bid domains? I can see people trash talking registrants of coronavirus domains when in fact they own some themselves but have privacy.

    Anyways, I like facts. Fact is there are 64 opinions AGAINST ME and every other domainer registering coronavirus domains are theoretically 13,686 opinions FOR the registering of coronavirus domains many I'm guessing has to be for the purpose of profiteering.

    or are we going to be irrational now and say that each one of those or half of those or a quarter of those registered coronavirus domains BUT are against domainers registering coronavirus domains?

    That doesn't make sense now does it?

    so if you take sides based on a score board.

    13,686 kinda blows out 64 or am I doing the math wrong here?

    When we create an environment where people can't register certain domains and talk about it, no matter how noble you feel what you are doing may be. it's still as bad as being the registrant of a coronavirus domain. Shaming them to the point that they regret posting it just makes them inclined never to do it again.

    How would discussions like this happen again if people's automatic inclination is to shame people wouldn't people fear sharing their unsavory domains?

    why am I saying all of this? because to be honest the replies on this thread hurt my feelings. People I have come to admire on here seem to now want to gang up on me on this topic.

    Again I repeat. I did not have to post this on NP. perhaps I have diarrhea of the fingers and just type what's in my head at the time. No filter. but at least you all know me like an open book. so like me or hate me warts and all. up to you.

    So in summation. I am not going to retract that the Spanish Gov did not buy the domain. Am I ok with the fact that the domain is now going to be used to help the Spanish people? yes of course, I'm not a total d*ck.

    So what the hell was the point of this thread? why am I so pissed?

    I am pissed for the same reasons any domainer should be pissed.

    To have options taken from you.

    to have something taken from you without permission. without even a civilized kind request that 100% would have gotten a YES.

    not even at "Please allow us the Spain Gov to take or borrow domain for the time being because of the current crisis."

    All the other stuff I said about money is irrelevant because the domain was TAKEN.

    You see. I was never asked by the Spanish Government if they could borrow which means I was never even given the opportunity to ask for say $500,000 for it or more IMPORTANTLY NOT ASK for $500,000 for it. It was I guess just assumed I was going to ask for a lot of money.

    So basically THIS is how Spain sees ALL DOMAINERS by default.

    again I cannot confirm that that $10,000 offer was from Spain so I have to assume it was not.

    This is not about some domainer profiteering from a coronavirus domain.

    This is a country (granted in a crisis) deciding on it's own to take a domain removing all doubts if the owner might say no if asked.

    I believe EVERYONE needs the opportunity to shine and yes I know there are more pressing matters right now in the world besides me "shining".

    but is it really such a huge ASK to give me the opportunity to donate to the spain gov?

    My initial reaction was all over the place and I'm sure I said a lot of things people did not like but let's not get side tracked here.

    This whole thing was just not done right. As if I really would have said NO if the Spain Government simply asked me plainly. "may we have or use or borrow until this crisis is over?"

    Another thing. We all register domains in the "hopes" of selling it and making a bucket of money. But at the same time we are realistic. At least I hope most of us are in thinking that many of our domains will never ever sell. So why should I care if Spain Gov doesn't buy I am already in the mind set that none of my domains will sell. That way no expectations no regrets.

    Am I pissed they did not buy it? sure but I think I am really more pissed of how they did it. maybe that anger carried over to them not buying it just a smidge and got all jumbled in there. I mean seriously many of you know my collection of domains and are confident I am losing money. So why should I really care if Spain doesn't buy I lose money all the time on stupid domain registrations. What's one more "no sale"?

    It's about 4 am right now so probably much of what I said on here you should take with a grain of salt because I'm tired and wrote all of this half asleep. so I probably wrote even more stuff to inflame even more people. Plus tons of typos.

    Apologies in advance.

    And remember. Registering a domain is an Opinion by default.

    You registered that domain because you thought it was a good idea and it's an unsavory domain than you are of the opinion that registering such domains is "okay".

    And you don't need to publicly go on a forum and publicly announce it or take sides. Your domain registration speaks loud enough. So either there's a few hundred thousand immoral *ssh*les out there or there are simply domain investors out there?

    Good night or Good morning.
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    I don't think people take offence because you registered this domain. Like you pointed out, lots of other registrations in other niches that are not for everyone.

    I do think people take offense because of the way and manner you handle yourself in this thread.

    Something to think about.
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    Tthe guy that owns Covid19 dot com may have been threatened as well. He had it Sedo with a minimum offer of over $40,000. I was mad because has a chance to build a blog on it to spread information about the disease and he was wasting it.

    I checked a few days back and he has removed it from sedo. Terrible.
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    I disagree that all the words you listed are misery causing or bad. You just look worse when you do these long rants trying to justify the unjustifiable. I would have pounced on that 10 K offer, real or not. Who gives a sh*t what email they use? Why didn’t you think of your family before GREED?

    As I said many times before and someone eloquently pointed out above you have no uncrossable lines regarding domains and thats a dangerous thing. You also seem to make the same mistakes over and over and then we get a woe is me thread.
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    When you post in a forum you're going to get peoples' opinions. You might not like some of them, especially when your stance is controversial, but that's something you need to take into account.

    Your earlier posts were about selling or monetizing the domain with ads .You bought it for monetary gain in some form or other. I'm not even saying that people shouldn't handreg coronavirus domains or other domains related to misery/disease etc. But you happened to register something that can be crucial to a country who's now burying hundreds of people every day. Something that could save lives. If you negotiated with someone representing Spain's government- they probably lost their patience because the last thing they wanted to do now is negotiate while their country is going up in flames. If you stopped answering emails, then no wonder they just took another route.

    You lost a potential 10K and that sucks, but look at the bigger picture and realize that there are things that are more important than a handreg that didn't become a flip. You've sold other domains before and you'll sell more in the future. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. If their fate is depended on a single handreg and a 10K flip that didn't come to fruition- that isn't a good business strategy. Just try to take things in the right perspective in the face of what will probably be the most impactful and disastrous event of this century.
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    It was just a primal reaction to the initial shock of having the domain being borrowed. nothing more nothing less. I have calmed down a bit since and have moved on. The whole situation and how they did it is basically like how they take people's land for eminent domain to build a new train line.

    The only heads up I got was from Marcaria.

    also. I'm still 50-50 about that $10K offer whether they wanted to buy it or not.

    1. They could have been Spain.
    2. or not.

    If was Spain why even bother trying to buy when you can just take?
    If you don't want to pay my price since you already have someone talking to me why not just inform me you want to bother it and that you ARE SPAIN talking to me and not some broker?

    If it wasn't Spain and they just took it? then we are right back to the courtesy of personally giving me the option to hand it over willingly.

    It's almost like they assumed "Domainer. This SOB is not gonna hand it over for free. Just take it."

    or maybe they don't and they feel they can just do whatever they want given the situation.

    This speaks more to how the Spain Gov perceives the Domain community as a whole.

    No one seems to take issue on that.
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    I'm over it and so should everyone else. Done is done.

    Thanks for the input.

    As far as my livelihood hangin by the sale of one handreg. That's a bit over the top.

    Of course my family's livelihood doesn't hang by a string on one hand reg. That's ridiculous but it does hang on the decisions I make from one domain to another.

    We all know that if we base out business on one domain reg. we might as well close up shop.

    we reg a bunch and hedge our bets. hoping one or a few or many will win while the rest will fall.

    I don't have many EMD domains. was one of them.

    why? because many of you experts plus the registries themselves get to these premium domains before any of us small fries do.

    forget about money for a second. How do most domainers feel when they can land an EMD? even on a CCTLD?

    forget about the fact that this is a "coronavirus" domain.

    I'll be honest it's very depressing sometimes as a domainer to try to reg single world EMD domains in .com and see it's been taken since 2000 so when you see a new trending keyword pop up. You don't really think about whether it's a "Great idea" to do so.

    because part of you remembers all those times you tried to reg an EMD in .com but couldn't because it's been taken since 2000 or 2017 or whatever.

    So you try CCTLD and find many aren't taken. Given that scenario and given that you notice there are many other CCTLD's that coronavirus is registered.

    is it really a surprise a domain registers a coronavirus domain?

    at this point the take away from this thread for any domainer is all your CCTLD coronavirus domains can meet the same fate and I don't think this is unique to just coronavirus domains but in general any domain that a CCTLD feels it needs.

    I can't think of any examples right now but you get the idea. if this does not scare anyone then you guys are crazier or braver than I am as I still have other CCTLD's but their not in the coronavirus niche.

    Be safe out there. I'm panicking more now with the stupid news telling me that coronavirus is killing 1 New Yorker every hour. like what the hell?
  23. Drongy

    Drongy VIP

    Likes Received:
    Don't mostly all local TLD's have the right to do this?

    Also, it probably was done to just reduce the amount of potential misinformation.
  24. xynames

    xynames PRO VIP

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    You have a history of losing deals by holding out for too much!
  25. VIP Gold Account

    Likes Received:
    I agree now ALL the words I list aren't misery domains. those were just off the top of my head random and quick. many were regged because of noble reasons (maybe)

    As I said before. They jumped from $5,000 to $10,000 almost in the blink.

    I think we need a timeline now.

    First offer $2,000. My thought? domainer.
    Second offer $5,000 my thought? domainer.
    after that? they told me their plans. Sounded noble. so offered to allow them to use it FOR FREE.
    They AGREED.
    but as we talked about hashing out the details they conveniently mentioned how Spain is in a state of alert and will probably take the domain anyways. as a "warning" to me and then offered $10K.

    In that order.

    I repeat my friend. I DID NOT TAKE the $10K because I'm greedy and it was $10K

    I did not TAKE the $10K ....................BECAUSE of their little "threat" or "scare tactic".


    And so should no other domainer. Do we understand each other now?

    and as far as watching out for my family FOR MINUTE I was actually considering the $10,000 after checking comps.

    But after reading their "side comment" I JUST LOST IT. I'm already offering to let you use for whatever noble thing you have planned YET you still want to push the narrative that Spain is about to go into National Alert or Alarm status and will take the domain anyway.

    It's almost like they are saying "Ok ok. Well add another $5K and give you $10K. You better take this offer now or you are going to lose the domain anyway.)

    mind you. again they were contacting me from a free email service now their supposedly legit spanish website email address.

    so AGAIN for all I know they weren't from the Spanish Gov and was simply a domainer wanting to buy it for a flip.

    Just realized something now.

    If it was a domainer which it looks to be it was.

    Everyone is on my ass for not selling at $10K and for me selling in general.

    No one seems to CARE there is someone out there willing to buy for $10K either to develop or investment?

    If I'm a jerk for hand registering then how about someone who wants to pay $10K for

    If jerks were measured in cash. This guy (assuming he's a domainer like us) is 1000 times a bigger jerk.

    I assume he's a domainer because is private and the only place to find me contact info about it is via Namepros.

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