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At NamePros, we encourage members to use their real (birth-given or legally-recognized) names, and we offer everyone the option to change their username to the their real name for free. Using your real name on a professional website such as NamePros is highly recommended.

Since this is a business community, we’ve found that using real names really encourages a professional environment and helps others gain trust in you when conducting business deals.

Important: If you change your username...
Once your username is changed, that will cause your previous username to become available again for someone else to claim. Please use this option with caution, since it may lead to you not being able to use your current username ever again. Although, if you did want to change your username on your account and protect your current username, you could open a Gold Account with it to prevent anyone else from using it.

How to change your username
If you want to change your user name (sometimes called a screen name, alias, or handle), you may Upgrade to a Gold Membership to get a complementary username change along with all the perks of being a gold member.

Want a free username change?
We can change your username for free* if you'd like to change it to your real name.

  • Your first name: John
  • Your full first and last name. Example: John Smith
  • Your full first, middle, and last name. Example: John Robert Smith
  • Your full first name, middle initial, and last name. Example: John R. Smith
  • Your full first name and last initial. Example: John S.
  • Your title and last name. Example: Dr. Smith
  • Your first initial, middle initial, and last initial of your birth name: J.R.S. or JRS
  • Your family name and given name, if appropriate for your language. Example: Smith John
Get your free username change: Here.

* If your real name is already taken in all standard formats, then we'll be unable to change your username for free

Did you recently create an account on NamePros?
Upon request, we may change your username for free if you recently registered your account on NamePros and you would like to use a different username. If your request to change your username is declined, you may contact us to let us know what happened, why you want to change your username, and include at least 3 new usernames in order of desirability (i.e., you want the first username that you list the most).

Want to remove your real name from your username for free?
We can change your username for free* if you'd like to change it from your real name to something else.

However, we recommend that you use your real name (or a version of it, such as John S.) to inspire close professional relationships, trust, and maintain credibility. This is a business community, and we've found that using your real name enables you to create and strengthen meaningful bonds with other professionals more readily.

Get your free username change: Here.

* You will need to provide us with a form of proof to confirm your real name.
* You may choose your new username
* If you've previously used another username without your real name and it's available, then we will change your username to it.
* If you've used multiple previous usernames without your real name, then we'll change your username to the oldest available one.

Complementary username change for Gold Accounts
Once you have upgraded to a Gold Account, you may request your complimentary username change. Your request will be approved or declined based on whether it meets our expectations for professionalism.

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Unavailable usernames and taken usernames
Generally, you'll need to choose a different username.

However, if the username belongs to an unused account (e.g., an account that has been inactive for years, has had no activity on it, or access to it has been lost), then we may reassign that username to your account upon request and qualification.

Contact NamePros Management to request a taken username: include the username and why you think it should be fairly reassigned to you.
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