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    We all like to send emails to an end user about the domain name we own. But, most of those emails get unnoticed and sometimes are tagged as spam. I was reviewing the CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) and one point got me interested while reviewing that was this:

    A Commercial Electronic Message (CEM) is a message whose purpose is to encourage participation in a commercial activity. The recipient must say 'yes' to receiving your CEM.

    The problem is how we will get the 'yes' from the recipient as they're not aware of the domain we have.

    I emailed to some end-users to get their consent by writing this message and no one replied. The message was this. "I would like to have your consent to send you an 'electronic commercial message' (ECM) regarding a domain name".

    Just thought of sharing this one to see if anyone is using such a method or have any other inputs.
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