ccTLDs Market Sales Report for 26th - 31st December, 2016

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We wish to say compliment of New Year and may the year be fruitful for our business and have bountiful proceeds and then be proud of Domain Biz.

We found only 52 ccTLDs during the course of the week. We brought you the data from just few markets, i.e. Sedo, Godaddy, park.io, flippa, namejet.com and DropCatch.

Most expensive name sold in the week was Search.io sold for $5, 500 on Wednesday 28th of the week at Flippa.com, followed by my-home.de a hived domain sold for $4,355 sold on Tuesday 29th December, 2016 at sedo.com, the next to that was jx.de a two letter domain sold for $2,550.

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@guessyoulike - can you post the sales venue also? IMO park sales can be inflated so I like to know where it happened
fart.io 611 USD 2017-01-24 Park.io
components.io 311 USD 2017-01-24 Park.io
snacks.io 305 USD 2017-01-24 Flippa
quiver.io 255 USD 2017-01-24 Park.io
reserved.io 635 USD 2017-01-23 Park.io
ntp.io 565 USD 2017-01-23 Park.io
hexa.io 330 USD 2017-01-23 Park.io
syncing.io 215 USD 2017-01-22 Park.io
diode.io 125 USD 2017-01-22 Flippa
eby.io 105 USD 2017-01-22 Flippa
tweets.io 640 USD 2017-01-21 Park.io
margin.io 600 USD 2017-01-21 Park.io
campground.io 210 USD 2017-01-21 Park.io
req.io 526 USD 2017-01-20 Park.io
surveys.io 522 USD 2017-01-20 Park.io
stuck.io 155 USD 2017-01-20 Park.io
authorized.io 255 USD 2017-01-19 Park.io
cups.io 200 USD 2017-01-19 Flippa
baseballs.io 104 USD 2017-01-19 Park.io
credited.io 104 USD 2017-01-19 Park.io
slas.io 100 USD 2017-01-19 Flippa
description.io 200 USD 2017-01-18 Flippa
lancer.io 160 USD 2017-01-18 Park.io
qoq.io 105 USD 2017-01-18 Flippa
ifb.io 100 USD 2017-01-18 Flippa
bupa.io 100 USD 2017-01-18 Flippa
icon.io 3,000 USD 2017-01-17 Sedo
boots.io 410 USD 2017-01-17 Park.io
widgets.io 305 USD 2017-01-17 Flippa
5u.io 301 USD 2017-01-17 Park.io
dagger.io 256 USD 2017-01-17 Park.io
big-data.io 205 USD 2017-01-17 Flippa
checkouts.io 156 USD 2017-01-17 Park.io
aeroplane.io 104 USD 2017-01-17 Park.io
insomnia.io 104 USD 2017-01-17 Park.io
boards.io 510 USD 2017-01-16 Park.io
steak.io 230 USD 2017-01-16 Flippa
sensual.io 180 USD 2017-01-16 Flippa
arglasses.io 179 USD 2017-01-16 Flippa
mommy.io 156 USD 2017-01-16 Park.io
infographics.io 875 USD 2017-01-15 Park.io
5t.io 217 USD 2017-01-14 Park.io
salesman.io 205 USD 2017-01-14 Flippa
thankful.io 410 USD 2017-01-13 Park.io
7s.io 255 USD 2017-01-13 Park.io
Once again we are happy to bring to you the ccTLD Sales market in last week of January and the first week of February, 2017. We also brought to you more information from DNJournal on sales from 16th – 29th of January, 2017 as published by DNjournal.com.

There were all together 129 names published on the list below raging from $6,999 and the least sold of them was $100. The most costly sold domain in the week was congelados.cl $3,422 sold at sedo.com besides the published sales found from DNjournal.
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Here is our ccTLD weekly market sales report for the week of 12th – 18th February, 2017 brought to you after searching through various market auctions and the report goes as thus:

The most costly name sold in the week was Bummeln.de sold for $10,250, followed by Automation.ai for $10,000 and next to that in third place was Top-ten.de $9,461 both domains were sold at sedo.com marketplace.

There were many sales in the week but domains that were sold on 14th and 12th were better than every other day in the week, in terms of cash worth. Bummeln.de was sold on Sunday 12th according to the sales record found.

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The ccTLD Marketplace Weekly Sales Report for 4th – 10th June, 2017

Once again, here is your weekly ccTLD sales report for 4th – 10th of June 2017. There were few sales in the week; only 60 country codes were sold.

The best of the sales was mail.hr; it was sold at sedo marketplace on Wednesday 7th June 2017 for a sum of $5, 633, another name sold closed in price to mail.hr was a two letters .io name - ob.io, sold at park.io for a sum of $5,000 and the next to the duo was an unusual extension - tiny.vc sold for $3,500, far from the duo names.

Please if you know of any unpublished sales in our report, kindly post them here for further updating of our posted report. Thanks.

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@elevator - greatly appreciate your data collection, Do you keep your data in a format where you could do a monthly summary also?

The HR sale is interesting, they have pretty strict residency requirements, otherwise it might have fetched a higher price.
Ok Thanks for your suggestions I will start the monthly soon and what is HR sales? Thanks for your comment.
OK! You mean .hr extension. I 'm so surprised as well to see anybody buying .hr domain. But the buyer could be from that location and mail.hr was bought for $5, 633. Can you imagine!
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