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    Hi guys, I hope this is the right place to post a question?

    I'm *relatively* technical and have registered a domain in the past for my own blog and know a little bit about WhoIs and nameservers... but i'm not an expert. My boss however thinks otherwise and has asked me to get a domain that has expired but is still owned by someone else. it's a .com & expired in mid-August.

    After doing some Googling, I setup an account with Snapnames and domain monster to try and check in on the accounts once a week or so, and checking this morning I noticed that the 'estimated drop date' is now saying 2017, but the domains 'last update' hasn't changed.

    Before I go to my boss and tell him I've let him down, I wanted to go in armed with some responses I think he's going to ask:
    • The domain owner is a domain seller & (I think) are a registrar, is it possible they renewed it as they saw whois checks? (to clarify, whilst it was for sale - it was a price my boss couldn't afford to spend).
    • How comes the renewal date has suddenly added a year but not had its 'last update' changed?
    • Can they still renew a domain thats been expired since last august? I thought it was game over after a month?
    Many thanks for any advice/info!
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    Where is the domain registered?
  3. biggie

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    i think domains can be renewed for 45-60 days, after expiration, before being deleted.

    that's if they are held in redemption period, which is after the expiration term

    and that too, may depend on the registrar.

    but the "last update' that has not changed, just may be the 'whois" update.

    if the current expiration date is 2017, then it got renewed for another year.

  4. holly2016

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    Hi Guys, thanks for your responses!

    In answer to your question, the domain is with hugedomains which I think owns Namebright?- I also did some digging and saw Namebright has a Whois Counter so does indeed monitor queries.

    I'm guessing that they may well have renewed the domain from seeing activity with Snapnames/Domain Monster :(
  5. ZapNano

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    Awsome domain wouldn't not drop.

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