sales Brandable domain name sales week 31: Veda.com, Bink.com, CodeFactory.com


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Thanks to Uniregistry, we have a BIG list of brandable domain name sales for the third consecutive week in a row. The Uniregistry names included in this report sold during May and June this year. Things will be back to normal next week and we have to see if Uniregistry will start sharing sales data on regular basis moving forward. I noticed several comments on NamePros regarding caveats with the Uniregistry sales data as well as a post from a user who found a domain of his on the list that never sold. This is unfortunate as I am big supporter of marketplaces and brokers sharing sales data but it’s equally important to me that the data is accurate and verified. I will look into this a bit more next week and will also check in with Uniregistry to see what they can say about this.

As promised last week, I did reached out to GoDaddy’s Aftermarket Product Manager Joe Styler to ask if we can expect the company to start sharing Afternic sales data again in the future. Joe told me that right now they are not publishing sales data and unfortunately have no plans to do so in the near future. It is something they routinely discuss and may change at some point. Joe told me that as a public company they have to be more careful with what numbers are shared outside of the official earnings calls each quarter.

A ton of great names on the list this week. Some of my favorites are Veda.com, Bink.com, CodeFactory.com, SoundMagic.com, BigChange.com and Painty.com

Here’s this weeks list:
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