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I have been working on acquiring a . AI domain name for a client of mine which made me look into the. AI domain market more than I probably should have over the past few years and I noticed that DynaDot is now hosting a . AI auction that starts the last Friday of every month, There are over 1,700+ domain names in this auction list and some I would say are worth a view to holding in your portfolio assuming you can acquire in a fair market price.

The below are just a few of the domains in auction - See more in the full list on Robbies Blog -

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i don't have any and don't plan on buying any.

it's a fad extension that will pass and a lot of folks will be holding unsellables with high renewal fees.
because many .com companies are just adding the letter ai in their commercials/ads and soon there will be a rebellion against ai, when it starts taking all the middle-class jobs.

also, majority of those words you posted don't really fit with the ai mindset
they remind me of the .mobi frenzy when folks were grabbing single words that didn't fit with the extension.

Way too expensive to hold any amount of them for me. Seem to be going for crazy prices.
I think .com is the king. These extensions are for short term boom