Are you- An Opportunist or Nefarious Character?

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I guess that's what a domainer is either one or the other? Hmmmm.
"o n l i n e o p p o r t u n i s t s are l e g i t i m a t e l y grabbing “c a t e g o ry killers”' '

I am sitting here laughing about this statement after reading the m a r k s m e n s website, seems that this domain business has every base covered doesn't it? I am amazed at huge number of peripheral business' attached to domaining.

So corporations and the knowledgeable have their go-between, shadow buyers out there. Has anyone had experience and willing to post something about selling a name for a decent price by them? Probably, you only discovered it after the domain was transferred. Let me guess, they probably first contact you about a name with "make offer" under a nondescript email address like johndoe101 @ address, so as to not blow their cover. Then, beat you up on the price or some whipping post form of negotiation, or something like that, as long as they are not in a big hurry to acquire a name. Then the transaction moves in a proxy name, and you then discover who really bought your name a few months later. I like the statement where they help some dingbat corporations who have produced a product and forgot to buy the domain after it's packaged, lol.

On one hand, I like it as a business niche idea whoever started it- my hat's off to them. I didn't read many threads the past year here about them- but I saw they were busy it seems every post I read on the news site as they "secured THE Name" for their client. On the other hand, it sure seems kinda hmmm. ???? - being a proxy buyer is kinda like the reverse of a shill isn't it? Their sole intent as a middleman is to protect the buyer from paying higher prices with their stealth and you as a domainer less inclined from making a windfall from your speculative buy on a name sitting for years with dust on it to some large megabucks entity, well that's a good thing to know.

Pretty cool business scheme- as they have large corporations on retainer that have the mega-funds. I am glad I discovered this, and think any new or small time domainer should be aware that if you are approached for one of your names that has potential- it could be someone with more money to spend than what is being represented through these guys.

Pretty Interesting business- being stealth and they are probably even among all the thousands of people here on NP's or at least scanning these threads for information.
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