Analysis of reported ngTLD sales (period ending May 22, 2018)

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    I have done another monthly analysis of all ngTLD sales reported on Namebio for the monthly period ending May 22, 2018. While the new .top registry data released and the .nyc auction explain part of the increase, it was even without that a pretty active month for ngTLD sales. Here are the highlights:
    • 102 recorded ngTLD domain name sales;
    • The average sales price was $3096, while the median price was $1000;
    • 51 of the sales were for $1000 or more;
    • In terms of major sales, 6 were for $10,000 or more;
    • The highest price sales were for $61,002, for $30,000, for $25,000 and for $22,500;
    • There were sales in 23 different TLD extensions during this period;
    • Sedo (35), Jiangsu Bangning (30), Global Registry (14), Flippa (8), Alibaba (6) and Dynadot (3) recorded multiple sales during the period, while six other marketplaces had a single sale.
    The full report is available on my blog at this link, and it includes a detailed analysis of the number of sales in each extension. At the bottom of the post are links to the two previous monthly reports, in case you want to make comparisons.

    One of the points that continues to surprise me is how, after a long period without significant sales, a high value sale suddenly takes place. For example, prior to the sale of for $61,002 the highest reported .bio sale was $7000 (for the single letter domain name back in December 2015).

    As Namebio report dates at least, the year 2018 up to this point has seen 401 reported ngTLD sales in the database, with an average sales price of $6411. The latter is highly influenced by the few huge sales, and is not reflective of a typical ngTLD sales price.

    As always, appreciative of the incredible Namebio database that makes it possible to analyze trends in domain name sales!
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    Thank you Bob for the interesting read and summary, it is very appreciated :)
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    A more useful analysis of domain sales in an extension would be to show what percentage of reported sales were actually being used by real businesses in a way where they could justify the cost of the domain.
  5. Bob Hawkes

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    The comment of course applies to both ngTLDs and legacy gTLDs and country code extensions. There are with all extensions major sales that go unused for a period of time.

    The huge price sales in ngTLD announced earlier this year all seem in full meaningful use - i.e., and is in use with content - I am not sure if more is planned for this site, but certainly operational. One of the major sales, goes to a page where domains are available for sale, so I would class as not operational, unless that was the intention of the owner.

    Just as a (not statistically significant!) comparison I did the same thing looking at the top 5 price sales on Namebio in com so far in 2018. The top three are, and The first two go to for sale landing pages, and the third does not go anywhere, the fourth (fo) does not for me go to a page just keeps trying, and the fifth (tokens) go to a coming soon page.
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