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A couple of years ago I was writing a blog about domains and how you might as well go get such and such a domain (hand reg .com) what significance there was to a domain in the given market, what was being dropped etc.

I wrote about some of the strange registrations, why they were on drop lists essentially why they were registered to begin with.
Chinese domains IDN's and pinyin and also new gtlds, we all know there are many new tld's now.

Some domains in the experiment have sold privately over the last year and the time frame I gave for the experiment is now finished.

The strange registrations can be attributed to web site translation tools, either the IDN extension gets translated into a combination of numbers and letters or the puny code for the IDN actual domain name will also translate to numbers and letters, especially when translating to English and yes it does happen on full IDN's. Not just Chinese ones. I discovered this developing sites.

Chinese buyers are far less likely to want or register an IDN name on English alphabet extension because of the difficulty in changing the keyboard between the two.
Chinese buyers will go for the chips but are really more interested in Chinese language domains on Chinese language extensions.

Chinese buyers will also register either pinyin or plain English on pretty much any extension but especially com cn ch xyz top, now vip also and other new extensions that have some meaning in pinyin.

Westerners register most IDN domain names on English alphabet extensions, and these for the most part do not sell or have very little interest. Same with English on IDN extensions.

The may as well go and register such and such domain was 2 dot coms both of which got immediate traffic and to my surprise had offers very quickly I decided to keep them and they still get interest.

In doing the "you may as well go hand reg blah blah blah" I actually hand registered 3 things in one name and all of those 3 things combined were actual search terms for new technologies.

Actual search terms are in fact as valuable to end users/domain sellers as diamond domain names are, most are developed or if not in use very expensive. Search terms are quite often available and far easier to sell than any other class of domains right now. They are the domains that can be hand registered and flipped quickly for dirt cheap $50 - $200. get some good ones you get the idea.

So for newbies or pros I hope this info was informative or at least helpful in some way.

There is more to be said than this but it covers a different subject maybe I will post that info in a different thread.
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Hey dude....thanks for sharing your observations with the experiment.

Much appreciated...