A guide to new domain investment - lessons I've learned.

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    I've written this to anyone like me who is new to domain investing. I hope this article helps you. There are so many opinions , tools and websites out there. I have little experience but do come from an Entrepreneurial , Finance background. This is what I've found.

    1.) Try not to jump in and register too many domains. I have fallen foul of this. Quality over Quantity. Do Research think about your target market

    2.) Personally I have found some great resources including Name Pros but with all these things it's important not to get dis heartened and to have some of your own opinions. It's also important not to take things personally. As Investors we all want our investments to do well. People who give feedback generally are expressing their opinion and trying to help. Try to see their perspective and think that they have probably made the same mistakes you are going to . Experience takes time...

    3.) Tools Wise this is what i've found:

    Domain Valuation Sites are probably only useful when considering key words and how many searches might be made by that domain name if it is keyword related. Other than that the values vary widely and are a no good for high value domain names. Some are,

    Domain sales research is really interesting there are several sites including Name Bio and a discussion and published list of . What you must realise is that a lot of domain sales are not published or disclosed.

    4.) My method which is probably very basic is as follows.

    Before buying any domain think about what you want it to achieve for you. Are you prepared to hold it , develop it or do you want to resell it? How much will it cost to service (annual fees) etc.

    If you answered the above. If your going to park it and get revenue will it be a tier 1 domain . etc. How much revenue could it make and how does that stack up against annual fees. A lot of new domain extensions are much more expensive to renew . i.e. .life . media ...

    If you want to resell your domain is there a particular target market. I own and am in the process of contacting parties who may be interested in it. I.e. they own an online store that sells Sea Shells.

    I am just a beginner here and have no real experience but you as investor must understand the market , values and have conviction in which domains are worth keeping or developing and when selling getting the right value.

    I hope this article might be of some use

    Best Regards

    And Good Luck

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    nice topic. It would be fine to share your experience selling your sea shells domains :)
  3. DavidLSander

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    That's a good idea I'll add to the thread . Cheers David
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    Agree with you on most of the part except the domain valuation sites which are worthless at any time.

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