discuss $7.1 Million Bonus 14 Years After the Sale!

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From Rick's Blog

"Then last Monday I get a call from Greg and Joe. They were absolutely giddy. They could hardly contain themselves. The company that was turned to has been sold and I should expect about $6 million. They wanted to tell me for 2 months but had to remain mum. It was driving them crazy. I changed their lives and they changed my life.

Then on this past Friday they said final numbers worked out to $6.8 Million. An hour later I get another email. btw, there is also some dollars held in escrow for 90 days. When that is released, your number will be $7.1 Million.

So the full value I received from the sale of is in excess of $11 Million!! This is my model sale and I have repeated it now several times with other domains and hopefully some future windfalls."

Congrats to Rick Schwartz
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IMHO, this news sounds total bs. I am not even in any mood to accept such news.
So is now a website selling NFTs. Interesting that a multi-million dollar domain acquisition ends up creating things like Undertaker NFTs (200@ $75 each so $15kUSD minus probably 15k USD for the freebies and Mark's cut).

And is not a candy company either but a business that ships cold stuff.

So what was actually sold where Rick ended up getting 7.1 million? The domain or the sale of Green Rabbit to a new owner? I seem to remember reading he took equity as partial payment for the original domain.
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