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Top Topics: TV Star Acquires a .TV for $1,000; Sold for $1.5 Million in 2015...

By James Iles, May 23, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we look at a recent bidding war that pushed a one-word .COM to $105,156, and we discuss push notifications, could they lead to more domain sales? Elsewhere, an investor wants to know which domaining tools you're happy to pay for, and a reality TV star acquires a .TV domain for $1,000.

    Epic Bidding War Ends at $105,156

    This week, we've seen an intense battle to acquire a one-word .COM domain name that has been documented by Raymond Hackney. The name in question was, with bidding for the name at DropCatch finishing at $105,156.

    Two investors competed for the name in the final hours, driving the price to $105,156. Here, domainers are reacting to the bidding war.

    Topic by: @equity78

    How Could We Use Push Notifications to Make More Sales?

    Domain name landing pages from the leading marketplaces and service providers have typically been alpha/beta tested to optimize them for an improved sell-through rate. Some features are added, and some are removed.

    One feature that is commonplace on many websites now is the push notification. Should that be added to domain landing pages to notify potential buyers of a price change without the need to send an email to them?

    Topic by: @AEProgram

    Which Domaining Tools Are You Happy to Pay For?

    If you need to complete a task as a domain investor, there’s likely a piece of software out there that allows you to do it. We’re fortunate as a domain investment community that there are so many resources, services, and tools available that can help us as domainers.

    Many of the tools require a monthly or annual fee for use, but some tools are worth the subscription. Here, an investor is curious to know which domaining tools you are happy to pay for, and why.

    Topic by: @Matt1966

    TV Star Acquires a .TV for $1,000

    Prolific domain investor @Ammudamus regularly shares information on their domain .TV sales, with many selling for four- and five-figure fees. Here, the domainer shares news of a $1,000 sale, which isn't strictly interesting or unusual, but the buyer is.

    The name in question is, which was acquired for $1,000 by 316 Creative LLC of Oregon. Some digging reveals that Todd Hoffman, a TV personality from the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush, is behind 316 Creative LLC. Let's see what the name will be used for.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus Acquired for $1.5 Million in 2015

    Domain investors George Kirikos has unveiled numerous six- and seven-figure domain sales over the years, and he’s back with another SEC finding that has led to a $1.5 million domain sale being uncovered.

    While reviewing an S-4 filing, Kirikos noticed a domain name with a book value of $1.5 million. After some digital sleuthing, he discovered that the $1.5 million name sold in 2015 was, a domain that now becomes the third-largest publicly-disclosed domain sale of 2015.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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