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By James Iles, Jun 30, 2019
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    In case you missed it, we shared details of two domain sales this week, the first being the €700,000 sale of at a record "buy now" price, and the second being the undisclosed sale of These two sales are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of other recent six and seven-figure sales that I have knowledge of but can't disclose, and enforces the fact that one-word .COM domains are highly desirable assets with the best ones in short supply.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Why Buying a Libra Domain Isn't a Good Idea

    Last week, we highlighted a discussion that encouraged investors to showcase their "Libra" keyword domain names. The Libra name has become popular since Facebook's announcement of the new digital currency, Libra, and the accompanying wallet, Calibra.

    An investor has shared their opinion on why registering or acquiring Libra related domain names may be a bad idea. The in-depth post and subsequent discussion gives plenty to think about for any investor considering Libra names.

    Topic by: @MrAcidic

    How Old Is Your Oldest Domain?

    Up until a few years ago, a domain's age was an important factor to consider when buying a domain name for development in particular. It isn't such an important feature of a domain now, but there is some correlation between older and valuable names.

    Here, investors are encouraged to share their oldest domain name. A couple of domain names from 1989 and 1987 have been mentioned, but Aron Meystedt ( would beat them all with!

    Topic by: @Amar D

    A Threatening Reply to An Outbound Email

    Outbound domain sales is a skill that takes some mastering. We have previously teamed up with's Director of Business Development, @Mike Robertson, to produce a series teaching the best practices for basic outbound.

    An outbound campaign can produce a myriad of problems and unique situations. Here is a prime example, where this investor shares a threatening email from a potential buyer. Other domainers were quick to give advice.

    Topic by: @Trent1000

    Another Rebranding Fail

    Some of the domain decisions made by established companies and well-funded startups can be baffling sometimes. Recently, I wrote about seven startups that should consider rebranding after failing to acquire their exact-match .COM.

    Here, another example is given by an investor who noticed that a company with $5 million in funding had rebranded from Drive Motors to Modal. They were, however, unable to acquire the exact-match before announcing the rebranding, and went with instead. is currently parked and owned by, a company with a stellar portfolio of premium names.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

    Did Someone Steal My Domain?

    Domain theft is a very real threat. Three-letter .COM's, for example, are at risk of theft thanks to their liquidity and desirability, meaning that they're easy to shift quickly. On this occasion, an investor has asked the community for advice after noticing that the WHOIS changed on one of their domain names.

    It's a developing story that, as of writing, hasn't been resolved but it is a stark reminder that investors should be using layered security measures such as two-factor authentication to protect their domain name and email accounts.

    Topic by: @justlife

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    Another nice summary, @James Iles! Thank you!

    I found the thread on oldest domains interesting and sobering. I had a 2001 and it turns out to be a total youngster among the very aged domains a lot of different NPs members posted!

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    very nice
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    Thank you for sharing.
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    Such a really good and strong article...
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