Top Topics of the Week: GoDaddy & AN Commissions, GoDaddy Coupon Abuse, Free Escrow Transaction!

By N-A, Mar 13, 2015
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    New Afternic & GoDaddy Commission and Pricing Structure
    Afternic & GoDaddy introduced a new tiered commission pricing structure, which has left members questioning the benefits vs. ease of use. By the week’s end, the discussion had nearly 2,500 views and 115 replies. Two of which coming from @Joe Styler, GoDaddy’s Aftermarket Manager, who joined in to relieve the confusion of the pricing schedules.

    Flippa unable to determine the correct domain age?
    Members of NamePros engaged in a discussion regarding the accuracy of WHOIS-reported domain age. From the original post that has been read over 700 times, it appears as if Flippa has gauged the age of a domain put on auction by collecting the current WHOIS creation date as opposed to the history of it. Many have contributed to the conversation by adding their take on what age means to some, and what it means to others.

    Nose Down, Rear Axles Up
    @Eric_Lyon continues to tell his story in a fascinating followup post on how he broke away from the 9-to-5 grind and how he managed to trek four miles through the scorching Moapa Desert to find his way home after an unfortunate incident that left him stranded with no water.

    Don't Abuse Godaddy Promos: They will delete your account!
    GoDaddy has always offered various promo codes, everything from saving a bundle on website hosting to domain name registrations for $1.17. Unfortunately, there are a select few taking advantage by registering multiple domains at lower than face value pricing and repeating this with many coupons over several accounts. To those caught with coupon fraud, GoDaddy will suspend your account, so don’t risk it!

    Get a FREE Escrow Transaction at! Limited supply!
    Last week, NamePros was offering an exclusive deal of 250 promo codes for Escrow transactions thanks to @Cynthia of Many have already been claimed, but if you’re quick, you can still claim yours today!

    What Should You Do When a Buyer Doesn’t Update the Whois Record?
    Whose responsibility is it when you sell a domain name to another person and they don’t update the registrant information? Registrars such as GoDaddy allow account changes on domain names to update the record after an account change, or they can keep it unchanged if selected. It’s very important for the domain contact information to be accurate for a number of reasons, but once the name is out of your control, what can do you and who is at fault?

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