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Before we get into Top Topics this week, there is an interesting piece of news from the world of two-letter .COM's. As announced by George Kirikos (@GeorgeK) on Twitter, @Telepathy just completed the sale of OB.com to China. The name was listed on @GUTA's website but did not contain an asking price. Whilst not a typical "Chip" domain, OB.com is an excellent name that could easily be used in the world of finance or cryptocurrency thanks to its "B" ending, which could stand for "Bank" or "Bitcoin".

Nat Cohen's Telepathy Inc rarely shares sales data, but given the fact that Telepathy have sold domains such as OFO.com for seven-figure fees, it's not out of the question to consider this as a seven-figure sale, too.

Here are this week's Top Topics.

I Accepted a $7,000 Offer. Can I Back Out?

Is it ever right to back out of a deal? This domain investor is asking this question after seemingly experiencing seller's remorse. The story starts with a $4,000 offer that quickly became a $7,000 offer.

Having accepted the offer, this investor then looked into who was making the bid for the name. It turns out that the buyer is a company with more than two thousand employees worldwide, which made the investor think the domain had been undersold.

The general advice from this discussion looks to be for the investor to honor his agreement to sell the name.

Topic by: @Avtar629

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My First Crypto Domain Sale

It seems like most investors have at least one or two crypto domain names in their portfolio. With the crypto keyword producing many valuable sales over the past year, it's no wonder that investors have bought names hoping to replicate the success.

In this discussion, a domain investor has disclosed their first ever crypto keyword domain sale for $3,000 in a Flippa auction. The domain, mentioned in the discussion, was only registered in November 2017, signifying a nice profit in just a few months.

Topic by: @kammineni.com

How Do You Recognize a Quality Domain?

Recognizing an investment-worthy domain name at first glance is a skill that can be developed over time. It's something that comes with experience and a greater knowledge of domain name sales. As a newer investor, how do you go about recognizing a quality domain?

It's a simple question that has turned into an interesting debate with plenty of wisdom shared throughout as investors share their own thoughts and strategies for recognizing high-quality names.

Topic by: @Emil K.

How To Change Your GoDaddy Details Without Activating a Sixty-Day Lock

Since December 2016, ICANN has required registrars to impose a sixty-day transfer lock when a change to the registrant's contact information is submitted. That means that even if you do change your own details, you are still liable to the same transfer lock.

Some companies, such as Uniregistry, have allowed customers to opt out of the transfer lock. It now looks as though GoDaddy has introduced a similar option. This was discovered by an investor, who has detailed the procedure in this discussion.

Topic by: @Silentptnr

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