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Top Topics: My Afternic Experiment Results; How Many Domains In Your Keeper Portfolio?...

By James Iles, Jun 7, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, AbdulBasit Makrani shares the details in the latest installment of his Afternic experiment series. Elsewhere, I ask domainers to share what has happened to their sold domains, and after reaching a significant milestone of five thousand domains, an investor asks the community to disclose how many "keeper" domains they have in their respective portfolios.

    My Afternic Experiment, May 2020 Results

    In January, AbdulBasit Makrani started a simple experiment. Would there be any positive or negative effect on changing landing page providers from Uniregistry to Afternic? In this latest installment, AbdulBasit takes us through his sales from May 2020 that came as a result of his Afternic experiment.

    In total, he revealed that he sold $49,016 worth of domains in May, with the total acquisition cost for those names at $2,000. It's a unique insight into the management of a larger portfolio that I'd urge you all to read.

    Topic by:

    Where Are Your Previous Domain Sales?

    For the first time ever, I believe, I'm highlighting one of my own discussions. I'm always fascinated to see how domain names that I've sold have been used, or whether they haven't been developed at all. In short, I'm always curious to see what happens to domains after they're sold.

    Here, I've asked other investors to share their previous sales and to give us a sense of how they've been used since the sale. Take a look, and add your own names.

    Topic by: @James Iles

    How Many Domains In Your Keeper Portfolio?

    Recently, an investor passed a significant milestone of five thousand domains in their portfolio. To own and operate five thousand names is an impressive feat, but what's more interesting is the fact that their drop rate is now less than 1% per year, meaning that the vast majority of those five thousand are "keepers".

    How many domains do you have in your "keeper" portfolio? In this featured discussion and poll, domainers are invited to share details about their own portfolios, no matter how big or small.

    Topic by: @Recons.Com

    My First Domain Purchases

    Here is a new investor that's doing things the right way. Instead of rushing in and registering one hundred domains on day one as a domainer, they have waited six months and taken the time to learn as much as possible about domains.

    They've taken the leap of acquiring some domains in the auctions, and they have shared their first three purchases with the community for feedback. As first purchases go, they're certainly not bad. See what you think.

    Topic by: @M0rd0r

    Is There Such a Thing As a Priceless Domain?

    Can any domain name be considered priceless? That's the question that has been posed here. Domain names are traded en masse every single day, with some seven and even eight-figure sales happening on a regular basis. Are there any names that go beyond that, that are considered priceless by their owners?

    A prime example is Matt Blaze, the previous owner of For a long time, Matt said that he wasn't interested in parting with the name, regardless of the number. That was before he received a rumored $12 million, and promptly accepted. Is there any domain that, truly, money can't buy?

    Topic by: @Woke Monkey

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  6. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes Top Member NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Indeed! Thanks for highlighting that @James Iles and congratulations on your continued huge success. !!!

    Really like the quantitative reasoning for another large portfolio that @Recons.Com is doing in various comments in the Keeper Profile.

    As always, great choices, James! Look forward to your summary each week.

  7. FolioTeam

    FolioTeam VIP

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    Thanks for the roundup
  8. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

    Likes Received:
    Thanks @James Iles for another highlight of my thread

    @Bob Hawkes - I really like to see you feel so happy for others getting success and you're such a kind heart
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2020
  9. Joe N

    Joe N Top Member PRO VIP

    Likes Received:
    7,837 - You mentioned the following:
    I currently have all my names pointed to Dan landers, and also listed with BINs at Afternic.

    I can't think of any advantage I would get from pointing my names to the Afternic landers instead, since I only need to list them there to take advantage of the fast transfer service.

    Am I missing something?
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2020
  10. wurdd

    wurdd Restricted (15-30%)

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    The Godaddy logo on Afternic landers is the jam you're looking for.
  11. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    A very good question!

    The main difference is the brand recognition of GoDaddy vs Dan. This alone itself increases the chance of domain sales.

    Also I'm yet to figure out completely as to how Afternic are able to secure funds from buyers after both parties agree upon certain price. I mean they're super quick in receiving funds. Never seen elsewhere!
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2020
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