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Inherited 2,500 domains; How endusers find domain names? Trademarked domain; to dispute or not? Would you buy the .com of a former business? Domain outbound selling success rate.

Inherited a lot of domains (2500), looking for guidance
Someone's favorite uncle passed, leaving them their domain portfolio to manage. The nephew is looking for help to manage and potentially sell his uncle's domains, as they are busy pursuing a PhD. Reach out if you're able to help.

Topic by @matthewpataki

How do end users find names?
Domain selling marketplaces often provide a search field for end-user buyers to find domains matching their requirements. Sedo does, yet others like Afternic do not. What is the approach that end-users take in order to come up with potential acquisitions from the marketplaces? Share your thoughts.

Topic by @Sperry8

Trademarked Name - To Dispute or Not?
A business owner filing to register a trademark with the USPTO discovered that someone registered a typo of their domain two days after their filing. The domain is up for sale and they are considering whether to buy it or file a dispute. Find out what they decided to do by joining the discussion.

Topic by @Cush

Would you buy a .com of a former business?
When a company goes out of business there's a chance that their domain name drops and becomes available to register. Would such a domain have a potential use by a company other than the one that folded? A great question, so find out what domain investors think.

Topic by @Sperry8

Domain outbound selling success rate
Outbound sales require quite a bit of work, identifying the potential buyers of domain names and following up with the communication process. Cold-calling and emailing have risks and while there might be a reward at the end of the rainbow, one has to wonder what is the call+email/success ratio. Share your own experience and vote.

Topic by @Leo2k

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