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By N-A, Aug 7, 2015
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    The most popular discussions this week include whether it’s acceptable or not to purchase a domain name of an established site in another extension, a look at the current floor price of or domain names, the weight that MOZ holds on domains now that PageRank isn’t a factor, and receive FREE domain names in a multitude of ways.

    Purchasing Reputable Domains in Other Extensions
    Domain name investors wonder whether it’s acceptable to purchase a domain name of a reputable site in another extension. When is this alright to do, and when is it not?
    Topic by @Paddy94

    Current Value
    It seems as if day-by-day the prices seem to rise. What is the current floor price of a 5N in today’s market? And will that continue to rise?
    Topic by @DoumB21

    Fun and Games and Free Domains
    A valued member of NamePros decided to run a contest for members. These fun and simple guessing games can yield you high profits if your entries win. The prize? The first free prize was a domain name that generated an average of $41.33 per month in parking revenue. Subscribe to follow the game and become a winner!
    Topic by @smurge

    MOZ Value
    PageRank is one factor that is taken into consideration by some when seeking domains to invest in. Does anyone value MOZ as much, or the same, as they do or did PR?
    Topic by @growthhacker

    Pass It Forward
    Have a domain that you don’t want? Others do too. Pick up a free domain, and pass one of your drops forward. There is also a Free Domain Names area for additional freebies.
    Topic by @tiawood

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