information Top Topics: Epik nabs; Afternic switch from BIN to MO; Use a domain as a blog; Shotgun vs. Sniper; Huge premium renewal at GoDaddy

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Epik sold and didn't pay a member's Masterbucks balance; Afternic BIN change to Make Offer; Use a domain as a blog until it's sold? Shotgun vs. sniper approach; Bid on a domain with a huge premium renewal at GoDaddy.

Epik LLC stole my domain name and didn't withdraw my money from Masterbucks
A domain investor using Epik discovered that his domain was sold via Epik at a price he didn't consent to. On top of that, his Masterbucks balance is no longer available. Investors should be reminded that the "old" Epik is no more.

Topic by @TheBuyerz

Afternic BIN change to Make Offer
The Afternic distribution network relies on Buy It Now (BIN) pricing. So what happens if domains are get switched to a "Make Offer" option only—do they get removed? We have an official response from Afternic/GoDaddy on the subject, so find out.

Topic by @lknights1987

Use the domain for blogging until it's sold?
Blogs get a lot of search engine traction, so would it be a good idea to use a domain that's for sale as a blog until it gets sold? Of course, anyone can start a blog, particularly on WordPress. Here's what other domain name investors think on the subject.

Topic by @Leo2k

Shotgun Vs Sniper approach?
The popularity of new trends determines how keywords and domains can become valuable overnight. Should one gather all the possible domains up front ("shotgun" approach) or be selective ("sniper" approach) in what they register? Share your approach in this interesting thread.

Topic by @Kyle Tully

I bid on a domain with a huge premium renewal at GD auction, by mistake
A domain investor bid in an auction where the domain's renewal price was outrageous; eventually, someone else outbid him. What a relief, he thought, but how can such costly mistakes be avoided?

Topic by @Primary Names

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Thanks for the rundown of topics @Acroplex. The selective vs comprehensive registrations around emerging trends (sniper/shotgun) is an important discussion.

Showing premium names as reg fee for placing in cart, then changing the fee, has I think been fixed now but was a serious bug. I wonder if anyone actually got caught? If so, I hope GD allowed them to cancel.

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