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Top Topics: Demand for Crypto Names; Reported vs Unreported Sales...

By James Iles, Apr 28, 2019
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    In case you missed it, this week we published some details of a 2018 four-letter .COM sale. The domain moved into the possession of a Chinese fitness company in what we would consider one of the biggest transactions of last year. If we look at DNJournal’s 2018 chart, it’s likely this would have been one of the top sales, perhaps ahead of the $3.5 million sale.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    ICANN Proposes Removal of Price Caps. Take Action

    ICANN, the non-profit organization responsible for coordinating and maintaining top-level extensions, is proposing the removal of price caps for .ORG, .INFO and .BIZ domains. This could significantly change the registration and renewal prices of names in these extensions.

    You can make your voice heard by contacting ICANN and registering your comments by April 29th. The Internet Commerce Association has created a form to help you submit your comments, which can be accessed here.

    Topic by: @janismo

    Demand for Crypto Names

    Crypto domain names were one of the most lucrative trends of 2017 and early 2018, with names such as and selling for six-figures a piece. There was also the sale which likely reached eight-figures.

    In the past twelve months, the cryptocurrency market has been bearish and that has had an effect on crypto names and their sales rate.

    However, an investor has predicted that cryptocurrency markets are becoming bullish and certain keywords and extensions, outlined in this discussion, are worthwhile investments.

    Topic by: @JudgeMind

    Why Having a Buy Now Link is Paramount

    This is all about outbound sales. On the blog, we have had an in-depth, four-part series on the best practices of outbound sales, but this goes further, with one investor trying out Buy Now links in sales emails.

    The theory is that having a link to a Buy Now page using a legitimate service such as Uniregistry or Undeveloped gives an easy way for end users to acquire a domain through a secure means without having to negotiate.

    Topic by: @Jv1999

    Don’t Contact Potential Buyers Like This!

    NamePros “Super Moderator” @Eric Lyon shared a recent exchange of messages in which it wasn’t clear what was being offered.

    Due to the manner in which this person contacted Eric, they lost all chance at connecting or even pitching the product they were intending to.

    It’s a case study into how not to contact potential buyers of your domains.

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon

    Reported vs Unreported Sales

    Every day, NameBio produces a list of domain sales that occurred the previous day. There is usually around $200,000 worth of new sales added daily, and they are an invaluable reference point for both acquisitions and sales.

    However, the majority of sales go under the radar, with a Domain Holdings article speculating that 90% of sales go unreported. This discussion questions exactly how many sales are not listed by news outlets or public databases.

    Topic by: @Internet.Domains

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    Great weekly round up as usual. Thanks
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    Thanks for the highlights
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    In-depth project, protocol, personal and company reports; Crypto commentary by Institutional demand for bitcoin appears to be increasing. The sale drew concern from shareholders, which led Byrne to make a statement released from escrow has been underreported in two quarterly market reports.
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