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Top Topics: Buyer Wants Me to Travel to His Country; I Need Advice on a Six-Figure Sale...

By James Iles, Jun 2, 2017
  1. Do you need a simple, free way to track your domain name portfolio? A Google spreadsheet template was published this week, which will allow you to monitor your domain names. If you don't have an existing solution to track your portfolio, this may be something you can consider.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Need Advice on a Six-Figure Sale

    After contacting a celebrity with a domain name valued at $250,000, the famous potential buyer responded with a $100,000 offer. Would you have accepted the offer at this point? This investor opted to counter with a $175,000 asking price.

    However, the potential buyer hasn't responded to this counter offer. What should this domain investor do? Should they wait to hear from the potential buyer?

    Topic by: @uglydork

    A Covfefe Domain Discussion

    Earlier this week, President Trump baffled the Internet by including the word "Covfefe" in a late-night tweet. This apparent typo caused an enormous reaction, which included the registration of and covfefe related domains.

    This discussion documents the rapid registration of covfefe domain names in a number of different extensions, whilst also having some fun with the word itself.

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    A Potential Buyer Wants Me to Travel to His Country

    Have you ever received any extreme demands or requests before a potential buyer would consider acquiring your domain? This domainer certainly has.

    The potential buyer in a $50,000 domain deal has asked the domain's owner to travel to the USA to conclude the deal face to face. What would you do in this situation?

    Topic by: @jamaltq

    I Received a £2,000 Offer At a Street Fair

    Speaking of negotiating domain sales face to face, this investor shared a recent experience of receiving an offer for a domain whilst attending a street fair.

    After speaking with a fellow attendee about classic cars, the domainer mentioned he owned several car-related .COM domains. The response? A £2,000 cash offer!

    Topic by: @Kuffy

    From a $109 Purchase to a $6,500 Sale

    In April of this year, domainer @JudgeMind acquired a two-word .COM domain name for just $109. The domainer decided that this name was a perfect candidate to be flipped, so he listed the domain on Flippa with no reserve.

    You can read the story in full via the link above, but suffice to say this investor made an incredible return on investment in just over a month!

    Topic by: @JudgeMind

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    This was an interesting week for sure.

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    interesting np week, thanx for sharing
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