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BabyAndBeyond.com sold for $350k; GoDaddy and its backorder policy needs clarification; Hank Williams and expired copyright as domains; Can outbound sales be automated? Afternic experiment and sales results in April.

Three word domain BabyAndBeyond.com has been sold for $350,000 dollars
The mother company of Bed Bath & Beyond acquired the domain name BabyAndBeyond.com for a staggering $350,000 dollars, or about $120k per word! Read more about this amazing domain sale and discuss it with fellow domain investors.

Topic by @Igor Mironyuk

Can someone from GoDaddy clarify their backorder policy?
It seems that the GoDaddy policy on backorders and how they are handled after bids are placed isn't uniform across the board. Contradictory information exists, confusing bidders. The process needs some clarification from an official source; meanwhile, domain investors are attempting to use common sense on what might be taking place.

Topic by @draco

Hank Williams enters into the public domain
Copyrights do expire and this year the work of Hank Williams Sr. is among some interesting pieces that are losing protection. This educating exchange discusses the potential use of such work that becomes public domain and how this could be explored as an option for domain registrations, among other things.

Topic by @Eric Lyon

Those who outbound, how can I make life easier?
Outbound sales require a lot of hard work; automating the process is an interesting subject that can take advantage of modern tools: AI analysis of big data and intelligent communication. A developer claims to have created such a tool that'd benefit domainers looking to get better results from their sales outreach.

Topic by @VaselineDippedChips

Afternic experiment of April 2024
Domain investor Abdul Basit Makrani shares the results of his April sales via Afternic. Find out which types of domains attracted the highest bid and how long he holds domains on average. If only Afternic shared similar data across the board, every month!

Topic by @AbdulBasit.com

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