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If you happened to catch the live NamesCon 2015 auction, by live streaming video, reading the end results or at the Tropicana Hotel during the event itself, you know that there was quite a lot of excitement when new gTLD’s hit the auction block. Some of these noteworthy sales included Wine.Club for $140,000, Weed.Club for $16,000 and Tequila.club for $8,000.

These are definitely keywords and strings that make sense either for development or a long term capital gain.

If you think that you’ve missed out, there are still a couple days left to join the RightOfTheDot Extended Auction.

For the most part, I believe that there has been enough coverage on NamesCon 2015 and the extended auction for everyone in the domain industry to be aware of selling prices and the ongoing auction.

However, today I was in awe to see another auction being held by Heritage Auctions spring up.

Their mission is, “to be the world's most trusted and efficient marketplace and information resource for owners of fine art, jewels, rare collectibles, and other precious objects.”

Having said that, there are names that rival that of the extended auction in the .com space being as generic as possible, a portfolio of 84 three letter .net’s and new gTLD’s with matching strings too. You can surely admit that these are other precious objects to own.

If you’re an investor or lawyer in New York City, perhaps NYC.Lawyer is a good choice for you. Or, you are Wall Street savvy as well and owning Stock.Market is the perfect fit for personal development.

Nevertheless, you must be Quick.com as a Mouse.com about it as this isn’t an Arcade.com game and the auction is ending in 16 days.

Having seen the mission of Heritage Auctions, I couldn’t say that there is a better venue for these timeless pieces of Arts.org to be auctioned off on.
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This is one of the best auctions I've seen in a long time. I'll definitely be bidding on some of the domains!
This is one of the best auctions I've seen in a long time. I'll definitely be bidding on some of the domains!
If you plan on bidding, you surely should open your wallet. I was interested in one of the names when it was listed on BuyDomains and was told that the seller was seeking a 7 figure offer before even entertaining anything else. This definitely isn’t going to end with close to the current reseller prices in my opinion.

Today I called Heritage Auctions and tried to speak with who ran the Domain and Intellectual Property Department, before doing research.

It turns out that domain investor Aron Meystedt, the owner of the oldest domain name symbolics.com, is in the Director of the IP department.

I wanted to know more on this auction before writing about it, so I emailed him. He did share with me that HA put ads in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times for this.

Knowing that these two publications alone are read by a lot of business savvy individuals and investors, this auction may be the one that takes the cake.

Having combed over the highlights of his personal LL.com sales and seeing NL.com; Netherlands ccTLD (minus the .com, of course), on auction must surely put this on the top of his list. There should already be one interested party: CentralNic. Or perhaps two, the other being the Queen of the Netherlands, the honorable Beatrix; or just the government of the Netherlands for tourism purposes.
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I like how you incorporated domains from the auction in your writing.

Funny enough, teenagers have been using domains in speech long before us: