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Domain Names From Today's Apple Keynote

By James Iles, Jun 8, 2015
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    As I write this, Apple is finishing the Apple Keynote speech with some really interesting news regarding Apple Music, but as a domainer, I seem to have an ingrained tendency to ask myself "Who Owns the .COM?" I thought I'd share my findings, as I hope that at least one of you out there shares my obsession!

    The keynote started with the news of a new Mac OS, called El Capitan, which naturally took me to This is owned by El Capitan Sports Center, and I suspect their website may receive their highest amount of traffic ever today. was registered today, and it is registered to Apple - although the domain name doesn't resolve. is registered by someone with a (Wentworth Institute of Technology) email address.

    Then came iOS9, with new software features that will be available to download this fall. As developers salivated over new APIs, I navigated to Of course, this name has been registered for quite a while - since 2010 in fact. It currently resolves to a parked page with an enquiry form. is currently unregistered.

    Apple decided to create an iOS9 Public Beta for the first time, using the domain to advertise their official registration page. I thought that Apple would have bought, just in case any typos occur. They haven't. It was registered in February 2015 by an individual in India, who has created a few blog posts regarding Apple's products.

    Craig Federighi then announced that the new "Swift 2" would be Open Source - was registered in 2011 by Elite Tech Media LLC, and was registered even earlier - 2006.

    After updates about the Apple Watch, and the new Watch OS ( resolves to a Chinese for sale page), Jimmy Iovine came on stage to unveil Apple Music and Beats1. is owned by Apple and has a registration date of November 1997. Beats1 is Apple's new radio station, with music from DJs in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Apple doesn't own or If the station is going to be available solely on iOS devices, then perhaps these domain names don't matter.
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    No, I don't care about Apple domains anymore. One reson is that GoDaddy refuse to list that kind of domains in auctions. Another reason is that I hate Apple. I am more excited about Microsoft and revolutionatry technologies like HoloLens.

    This is off topic, but the name Apple Music is bad. They should stick with Beats or something. E.g. Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, etc. There is no Jay Z Tidal. Just Tidal. I think they are so obsessed with the "Apple" that's sometimes counterproductive. Spotify al the way in my opinion.
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    I agree , that's why I prefer Android , it's the most used OS on Cellphones , Smart TV , TV Boxes , Watches ..etc
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