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Detected Domains is an ongoing series in which we use DomainIQ's monitoring tools to follow the latest purchases and sales from some of the leading names in the domain name industry. In this edition, we take a look at sales from the likes of @Mike Mann, Andrew Rosener and

A client of Chinese brokerage firm acquired the domain in mid-July.

The domain name moved into’s holding account, signifying a sale.

Elliot Silver (@EJS) looks to have sold the domain name after the name moved under privacy protection. Elliot also acquired

Garry Chernoff purchased from the DropCatch platform for $1,038.

@Reflex Publishing sold the domain name The domain now points to a Comedy Central page promoting standup comedy.

As reported on, Aron Meystedt ( acquired

Future Media Architects looks to have sold the one-word domain name as the name has moved under WHOIS privacy at @Uniregistry.

@Rick Schwartz recently dropped over two-hundred domains, which are all new gTLD’s. The names include, and sold after the transaction closed using legal firm ESQwire. The domain doesn’t resolve but according to DomainIQ, the new owner is based in Abu Dhabi.

Mike Berkens (@TheDomains) purchased at NameJet for $350.

Andrew Rosener looks to have sold the domain NU.DE after the name moved into an escrow account at The domain is currently redirecting to the homepage for a smartphone app called Nude.

Mike Mann published details of two recent sales. The first sale is, which was acquired by Renaissance Learning Inc for $24,888. The second is, sold to Recovery Addiction Services for $9,888.


Data courtesy of DomainIQ.
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Knowing the caliber of some of those sellers, the price for some of those domains must have been substantial.
Ye! Thanks for this once gain as usual.

Those domains worth dropping truly IMO. It true that every domainers has pigeon rubbish in their portfolio.
Thanks for posting a detailed guide on this. This is really helpful.
Great Post having detail explanation, very useful
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