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Will you be signing up for a paid Namebio membership?

Labeled as news in Domain Industry News started by equity78, Jan 7, 2019.


  1. golan

    golan Leo.Domains Gold Account VIP

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    Just got this warning...


    Unusual Activity Detected

    Your access to the site has been temporarily disabled, please try again later. If you are using a VPN please turn it off and try again now. Some browsers such as Opera and Puffin, and some antivirus programs, act as a proxy and it is the same as using a VPN.

    If you feel this was done in error please contact us and include your IP Address:

    Note: Paying members are allowed to access the site through a VPN. Join Today


    Well if this is some kind of incentive to buy membership, i even don't know what to think. Didn't expect such low tricks. Come on, i've been working from this room for three years already.

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  2. Michael

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    That has been in place for around three years now and has banned more than 50,000 bots with very little impact on legitimate users.

    Before you simply weren’t allowed to use a VPN because then there’s no way for us to ban bad actors, as you can click a button and get a new IP. But now that we have memberships and we know who some users are, it is possible to let them use a VPN without the security risks. So that’s how we let people know. It’s only an incentive to get a membership if you really have to use a VPN for some reason, it’s not a low trick. Even NamePros blocks VPNs...

    If you’re not using a VPN then you were probably banned for unusual activity. We have a number of automated checks in place which I won’t go into in detail. But again they have been in place for 3+ years and has nothing to do with memberships, it has to do with how many people feel entitled to abuse our server. It may have also been a temporary rate limit for searching too fast.

    If you email me like it says to do on the ban page I’m happy to look into it and remove it.
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  3. Kate

    Kate Domainosaurus Rex VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    It happened to me a while ago, but I contacted them and Michael fixed it. Probably whitelisted the IP address :)
  4. golan

    golan Leo.Domains Gold Account VIP

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    Got your email, @Michael . Thank you for your response. Now it works again.

    You say it might be for "unusual activity" but i can swear that time yesterday i opened the site for the first time after at least two days break.

    Please don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to lodge a claim for a bug of your great service that i've been using for free. It's just, when you get banned on some service for some "unusual activity" that you never committed, and in the next sentence they suggest you to purchase their paid plan to avoid such (undeserved) ban, it gives you kinda bad taste.

    Peace (y)
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