Will you be signing up for a paid Namebio membership?

Labeled as news in Domain Industry News started by equity78, Jan 7, 2019.


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    The question I am trying to get by is - what do I do with 10 pages deep of past sales of "similar keywords" - how many years back do most find useable data - in terms of current pricing? It it certainly interesting to see what (keyword) crypto sold for 10 years ago even 5 - but does data more that 3, 4, 5 years lose relevance? Just trying to wrap my head around the - potential - massive amount of info to process. Curious as to what others use in terms of historical, how far back do find relevant - more important do customers?
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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    Just answering for myself (obviously!) [although I did not flat out say no but more a maybe] it is more the price point. The benefits definitely interest me. I particularly like the increased number of sales, export features, and sales data for less than $100 sales in the higher two plans.

    The saved searches feature I can see being great for some, and have already seen such comments on social media, but for me it is nice but not essential. For me personally I don't see using the promotion for auctions (at least often) so the discounts there don't mean much to me but I can see others would like them. I also don't care much if there are ads or not.

    Thanks for a superb product @Michael and these make it even more powerful for those who can afford it.

    Thanks for being active in NPs!

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  3. Jv1999

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    Imho, if namebio and np's auctions were paid sub only, your method would work. But, np's auctions are more of a danger in terms of end users trying to surf for prices.
  4. Michael

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    Understood, that's why we not only left the site exactly the same for anonymous users, we allowed people to register for free and get a 50% bump in results per search. The service is the same or better even if you never pay us a dime. But if you do pay, it's way better. Of course it would be impossible for us to create a membership plan that someone who visits only 3-4 times a year could justify :)

    We just added annual plans with a 50% discount because of the overwhelming feedback. We also made a few other changes, the full announcement is here:


    Thanks for the feedback everyone, please keep it coming.
  5. MapleDots

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    I much prefer annual plans, I know for my online stores the annual plans have a significant savings to them and as a business it is much easier to account the cost once per year instead of 12 times.

    I can see the annual plan becoming the most popular (y)

    Once in a while you get a company that will offer a lifetime plan and I have gone for a couple of those and they ended up being a bargain in the long run.
  6. Bob Hawkes

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    I have thought a bit more about the issue that @MapleDots made re one-time vs annual plans, and the response of @Michael.

    If only one option can be offered, I think the monthly subscription is best. Serious domainers would probably want to always have access but for example scholarly researchers or brand experts might have interest in subscribing for a few months while they are working on a specific project.

    That being said, I see virtue in offering both options if feasible. Leanpub, a publishing platform I am familiar with do this. They offer a certain level of service free, just as NameBio does (everything formerly available for free still is). They also offer a subscription plan that is what most serious authors on their platform use. But for those who want to just pay once, they (at least from time to time) offer that option too. I realize the one pay plan would need to be fairly expensive, kind of enough that investment from that would cover annual fees minus a bit, but still to some just paying once might be attractive.

    In a way the lifetime registration Epik are promoting is a similar choice for domain registration - pay once or pay each year options on certain TLDs.

  7. equity78

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    Thanks for the detailed reply.
  8. Riz M.

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    Namebio is great in featured listing i m going to buy 600 usd package per year calculation is if i take 4 featured listing for one month i m going to save 240 usd each month if i pay without membership i have to pay 480 usd so i will do def...
    Imo any package for shoutout is great and namebio is great shoutout

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