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Why Most Domainers Won't Make a Dime With Directory Websites
Directory sites can be huge money-makers; those who do it right can generate tens of thousands of dollars a month. The problem is that while businesspeople understand the directory model, Domainers often don’t get it. Now since I personally know a handful of people making a small fortune with directories I think it’s important for Domainers to understand how they do it.
The problem comes down to a general line of thinking – if I build a website it will do all the work for me, just like [domain] parking.
Let me state this one more time in a little different way – a good business needs a website, but the website does not create the business.
So take a look at that directory site you had built for $500 or $1,000 and then ask yourself, “what am I doing to run this business?” If the answer is, “nothing” then you know your problem. A directory business won’t run itself, it needs you to get it started and most importantly it needs traffic to entice people to pay for a listing.

Topic is Still Very Relevant Today
While I wrote the post six years ago I still think it covers a topic that is still very relevant today.
Still, six years later and I see the same being true and actually extending beyond directory sites. The fact is that too many people think that building a website and monetizing one are the same thing. It’s easy to spend a good chunk of change on a great-looking site, but the problem is, you haven’t spent a dime sending traffic to it. A great website with no traffic is like an incredible store that would make millions in the middle of Manhattan, and putting it in the middle of the desert.
From directory sites to eCommerce stores, just putting together a website that has the potential to make money isn’t enough to actually make money.
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Think most confuse directory sites with link farms.
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