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The value and preference of domain names can vary a lot, even from expert to expert. While there are some domain names that are unanimously considered valuable (e.g., business.com), that is not always the case.

Sometimes, not all people agree on what is valuable or attractive, and everyone has a unique perspective and opinion. That's one of the best things about the domain industry because different people can find valuable domains that were overlooked by others. However, that can also lead to a sensitive situation if someone's domain name is manually selected for Top Domains while someone else's domain name is not selected.

Since there is a selection process for Top Domains, there is a level of subjectivity that is involved by the people who are tasked with selecting the domain names. We try to eliminate as much subjectivity as we can and only select the domain names that the majority of people will agree are valuable, but everyone has a unique point of view on which domain names fit that criteria and which do not.

Due to time constraints and a variety of moderators handling the submissions to Top Domains, we’re unable to discuss specifics about how we valuate domain names or what we believe they're worth. If you’d like to receive feedback on your domains, we recommend that you request a free appraisal from the community.

Old listings in Top Domains

It's also important to understand that Top Domains has been around for many years (here are some listings from 2006), and a lot has changed throughout that time: the people selecting the domains, the criteria for valuable domain names, and the value of certain kinds of domain names.

As an example, keyword-rich Exact-Match Domains (EMD) used to be among the most valuable in the industry many years ago when they ranked well in search engines, but with the advancements of search engines and many companies choosing brandable domains over EMD's, the value of most EMD's has decreased significantly. In short, many domain names that were approved for Top Domains years ago may not qualify or be approved today.

However, domain names that were approved years ago (e.g., in 2006) will still appear on the first page of Top Domains today if the listing is open and someone posts in it, which will move the listing from an older page (e.g., the last page of 2006) to the first page of today.

As such, some of the domains in Top Domains may not fit there anymore, and we suggest that members report these occurrences to NamePros Support, so that we can review them and decide whether they need to be closed or relocated to another section of the marketplace.

We appreciate any and all help from the community. :)
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