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Top Domains on NamePros is a special section of the marketplace that exists on the forums.

The purpose of Top Domains is to provide a list of handpicked and manually-approved domain names that are considered more valuable than most other domain names. However, many top domains can also be found in standard marketplace sections because it's up to the seller to decide whether to list their domain name(s) in Top Domains or another section.

Selection process

All domain names that sellers decide to submit to the Top Domains section must pass a two-stage process: (1) qualification, and (2) selection. To qualify, the minimum requirement is that domains have a reseller value (not end-user value) of at least $1,000 USD. When domains pass the qualification stage, they move on to the selection process, where only a small number of them will be chosen. Domains that are not chosen, and sometimes domains that were previously chosen, may be moved to another section of the marketplace (e.g., to make room for other listings, to give other listings a chance, or because they no longer qualify).

It’s important to realize that all domains that reach the selection process (stage 2) are considered to have a reseller value of at least $1,000 and therefore have passed the qualification stage (stage 1). However, we can only select a handful of domains each month, so many qualified domains will not be chosen due to the number of submissions in any given month. With that in mind, members are allowed to submit unselected domains once per month (every 30 days) to give us an opportunity to select them the following month when there might be less submissions.

Due to the volume of domains submitted, we’re unable to list all qualified domains in this particular section of the marketplace. We do this to keep the section selective and manageable, since this is the only section where we have to manually assist members with any and all edits they wish to make. That is not the case with any other section of the marketplace, where users can edit their posts whenever they want, without needing our assistance.

Due to time constraints and a variety of moderators handling these submissions, we’re unable to provide specifics as to how we valuate domain names or which stage a domain made it to and/or why. If you’d like to receive feedback on your domains, we recommend that you request a free appraisal from the community.

Please keep in mind that you can still list your domain names for sale on NamePros, even if they are not selected for the Top Domains section. Unlike paid marketplaces, our marketplace does not charge any fees and we do not collect any commissions: all of your profit is yours.

If not selected, we highly recommend that you list your domains for sale in another section of the marketplace:
We hope this information has been helpful.

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