Why client do not prefer good keywords domains

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  1. Sonia.sahota

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    I have really seen that on all the domain marketplace website.. clients request the purchase domain 5N, 4L, 6P,..they did not give preferences to the domain having good keywords .. people actually searches for the high quality keywords ..why didn't check the top searches keywords ..but people actually looking for.. rather than 6P,8L, blah blah
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  2. Zilla

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    Some time people prefer brandable, unique/cool feel and identity for their business....some player only use the keywords name for redirect visitors to their brand site...I guess

    but not means the keywords names not good, I dont have data to prove brandable is better than keywords, so I just comments on why some people prefer brandable than keywords as their identity..
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  3. Jeff_Libert

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    It's fairly well known among people who have been involved in the domain aftermarket . . cough . . for a few decades . . groan (getting old here) that many - probably most - domain sales "go unreported" . . soooo . . I take all generalizations regarding domain sales (like "people prefer..." or "most . . whatever") with a grain of salt. That is, with a bit of a "ho-hum . . when will they learn" attitude.

    There was a time when folks went after "keyword domains" because there was evidence that keywords in a domain name / website address might afford that website-domain a bit of a lift in search results for queries targeting those keywords. Eventually, Google downplayed keywords in domains.

    Today, I think of domains / website addresses "in all the media" -> not just SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) -> which includes social media, radio, print and display ads, etc. I also think about "what's the cost of branding", i.e., creating a service/product -> website name association for a non-descriptive domain. In that context it's not a stretch to consider deploying a descriptive domain, one that clearly and concisely delivers a memorable message about a website's service or product(s) - becauuuuse - I don't expect folks in the social media space to spend much time or effort "explaining things" - so let the website name help get the job done.

    Historically, based on my own aftermarket sales during the last 20 years, I've got the evidence that there's a decent market for descriptive (you say "keyword") domains in the .Com space. That may be partially based upon the domains I've registered or acquired, which invariably are generic, descriptive, industry defining domain names. In other words, I'm not a big fan of "brandable domains", though I'll admit there's a few opportunities I passed along the way (such as CVCV domains) and a few opportunities I grabbed (such as, which I sold a few years back.)

    I'm a small fish in a very big pond of domains, so my observations aren't conclusive of anything.
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  4. biggie

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    your observations may not be conclusive... but I concur with them.

    i prefer keyword or exact match domains because the probability of them getting some type in traffic is higher.
    and in such instances those names are less dependent on SE ranking.

    additionally, they are easier for ppc's to auto optimize

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  5. lock

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    Make the landers work or just find google buyers paying for the keyword make them into a domain buyer. Brands are a lot of work I am playing with my own branding and the generic is far easier to make a start.

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