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whop receives over 2,900 searches per month on Google

Verb - hit hard.
Noun - a heavy blow, or the sound of such a blow.

There is a radio station in Kentucky called Whop AM - so music industry niche might be a possibility?

think it is a short catchy memorable name - 8 other extensions already taken -any thoughts would be great!!
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I like I brokered for $9,999 USD. (I feel the sweet spot for one word .co domain names is between $9,999 - $15,000 USD).

Here are some four-letter .co reported domain name sales:
  • $13,750 USD 2010-10-06 .CO Landrush Auctions
  • $13,000 USD 2010-10-13 .CO Landrush Auctions
  • $12,537 USD 2016-04-05 Sedo
  • $12,130 USD 2006-01-17 Sedo
  • $10,600 USD 2010-10-06 Private
  • $10,500 USD 2013-01-09 Sedo
  • $10,455 USD 2006-04-11 Sedo
  • $10,376 USD 2015-03-23 Sedo
  • $10,000 USD 2017-11-26 Efty
  • $10,000 USD 2015-11-03 Sedo
  • $10,000 USD 2015-10-08 Sedo
  • $10,000 USD 2015-06-26 Uniregistry
  • $10,000 USD 2014-03-19 Sedo
  • $10,000 USD 2010-10-06 Private
  • $9,999 USD 2014-09-03 Uniregistry
  • $9,950 USD 2010-12-01 T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
  • $9,297 USD 2014-08-27 Sedo
Thanks for your input mate appreciate it - as a broker/past broker Your input is highly valuable for me and I appreciate you taking the time out to respond - I'm fairly new to the industry (you commented on my thread) and in that thread I got very different opinions on pricing which is always good to see - as there are many professionals on this site with their own opinions, which is helping me weed out the good from the bad and helping with the learning curve that i am on

Thanks again!
Definitely. Keep learning, took me many years to hone the craft. I still am passionate about the industry, as soon as someone mentions the words domain name, my ears perk up.
Agree - Think it is a great industry, because of the use of words, trends and the business/sales aspect make it a fascinating industry to be a part of as I'm learning something new on a daily basis from each part of the process
Wow very detailed set of .co comparable (at least loosely) sales in the superb answer from @Darryl Lopes. What would you think is the right range for whop, in the sweet spot you mention? Of the names listed, I would think that hale and zoom are perhaps most comparable - which suggests about $10,000.

Have there been sales of whop in other extensions? I see that the .com is currently for sale as is the .net. The only exact name sale I could find for whop is $10 in the .me extension.

The super low value suggested by GoValue may be a hindrance to a high price if the potential purchaser places any trust in automated worth estimates.

Good luck with it! @MrAcidic While it is a word, I think it may be a challenge finding a company that wants to brand with it, and competing with both .com and .net for sale simultaneously will also enter into the equation.

ps I notice that is a Chinese pest control company - had not thought of whop in that sense, but it does make sense.
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Great reply Bob - very good idea on the pest control industry - same here that would never entered my mind!

Thanks for the detailed info
Another thought I had was for an app game along the lines of those whop a mole games.
LOVE IT!! That is an absolute cracker........will look into game developers
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