Which areas of interest do you register domains in?

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What areas of domain registration do you concentrate on?

I am into registering technology, medical, science, new materials type domain names - it gives me an excuse to spend so much of my time reading up on the breaking news in the subjects. (If there are any other domainers on here at NP who fit into the same field of endeavour would be glad to form a group to hook up with to discuss such subjects.)

Presently of course there is great interest in the Asian assault on domain registration and the CHIPS domains, there is of course also the new suffixes (something I am not too sure about - many of which I think may disappear in the coming years), also there is the good old geo-domains, number domains, short domains (both numeric and alphabetical), and indeed a whole host of other 'group' types of domains and domainers. Then there are the group of domainers who have no 'speciality' in there investments but simply invest with a shotgun approach, and there is nothing wrong with that for they often produce some of the best diverse portfolios that are money making.

So what kind of domainer are you?
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My areas of interest are similar to yours.

For those domainers who have limited finances and missed the boat (ie. joined after 1996) being an opportunist and watching like a hawk seems to be the only way to gain a foothold in the industry...
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