Where to go with IDNs?

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    Hi Folks,

    I accidentally bought xn— a few days ago - it translates to So I've been trying to find out about it but not getting very far.

    I have no idea from which language it is, for starters. Does anybody have any idea? It doesn't get a response in Japanese and Chinese online translators including the ones in threads on this site. It was listed as "" when I bought it - I thought the site would offer a ridiculous price but it let me enter a bid and I didn't realise until I got the confirmation email.

    Where would the best place to sell it be? Is it possible to find end users for that language?

    How should I value it? If you have any idea how much it should be worth, please post here and tell me how you got to that price. Is it a duffer or did I get lucky :)
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