question When does redemption happen for .de domains? No grace period?

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when does redemption happen for .de domains?
I had a .de expire today. and now whois says redemption. is there no grace period for .de?

edit. just got in touch with registrar and they said that domains are no able to be redeemed although i have .de domains still in my account able to be renewed that expired since late 2018.

The registry said the status of these domains are unavailable and cannot be registered.
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.de is a ccTLD

see - About .de Domains | Domains - GoDaddy Help AU

so it expires on the day of and goes into redemption?

I read somewhere that domains don't go into redemption? why has my domains have a status of redemption if technically in black and white .de domains don't go into redemption?

I have spoken to denic before. pretty cool german guy. he explained that .de domain technically by german law is yours until you request the domain to be deleted.

sure it might expire and you won't be able to use it to point to your website but legally it's yours for life?

and since there is no redemption fee that you can renew at regular renewal cost.

This really blew my mind!

I actually have .de domains still in my account have expired back in 5-4-18 that they still are trying to get my to renew.

Is this is the case with these domains how come my other two were deleted immediately on day of expiration.

Spoke to rep and he said maybe there was a backorder?

but he said there is not backorder for .de domains.

So there is no backorder on .de
nor a redemption fee.

why were my domains removed today then?

this is not the first time this has happened with this Godaddy reseller.

Is Godaddy trying to pull a fast one just to get my to pay a redemption fee?

the rep actually said. only way to get them back is pay a redemption fee. but there is no redemption fees for .de domains.

what's this all about?
Redemption fee exists in .DE
I even checked my Netim pricelist - and it is clearly shown at ~30 EUR.
my domain of .de has been expired today, did not receive emails from them like .com just receive 1, now they are saying, they cant renew, and they cant recover. now what to do ? i am in issue.