Is it not possible to remove Registry Whois Privacy from .online and .store domains?

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I have an account with IONOS. I am in the process of transferring a few domains over from IONOS to One.com. One.com is known for putting the Privacy Whois information on your domains after transfer instead of your real Registrant information. To prevent this, I called up IONOS and asked them to remove the Registry Privacy Whois Info from all of my domains = to make the information public.

They have gone through and said they have done it. I checked and all domains now have the same Registrant information (mine) in both areas:

- in PUBLIC - Domain Contact Details shared with Registry
- LEGAL - IONOS Domain Contact Details

But all of the .online and .store domains did not change and continue to display the following in:

PUBLIC - Domain Contact Details shared with Registry

  • Registrant Contact (Reg-C)
  • Data Privacy Protected
  • Ernst-Frey-Strasse 9
  • DE 76135 Karlsruhe
  • +49.7219600
  • [email protected]
I called IONOS and spent many hours on the phone with them and finally, they said it cannot be done due to restrictions with the .online and .store registries. I asked them to give it to me in writtining and I got this (clearly AI generated) Email from them:

I wanted to provide you with some important information regarding domain privacy and the visibility of certain domains in the WHOIS database.

You may have noticed that some domains have their registration details redacted intentionally by the registry, meaning that certain personal information of the domain owner is not publicly visible. This practice is implemented to protect the privacy and security of domain owners' personal information, in compliance with data protection regulations and privacy laws.

As a result, there are instances where we are unable to set certain domains to public visibility, as this decision is determined by the registry's policies and regulations.

We understand that transparency and visibility of domain registration details are important considerations for domain owners. However, it's crucial to prioritize the privacy and security of individuals' personal information, which is why certain domains are intentionally redacted by the registry.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Is it really NOT possible to remove the Privacy Whois information from .online and .store domains? I went on chat with One.com and they already confirmed these domains are coming through with the 'Data Privacy Protected' being the REGISTRANT and it is so difficult to get that changed after the transfer at One.com! :xf.cry:
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I've had that issue with some tlds transferred to one.com, but with .co for example, even with privacy there were no issues

So you could try with 1 .online/store and see what happens
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