What's your go-to method for selling your domains quickly?

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  1. JTAHoldings


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    Hey all, wondering what everyone's favorite place or method is to offload some of their domain names relatively quickly without giving them away price wise.

    I took a few years off and just recently got back into the swing of things and was looking to unload a handful of names but not sure how the landscape has changed since I was previously involved.

    Here are the place's I'm familiar with / have tried / or have had success with personally in the past from worst to first...

    - Flippa - Not terrible, definitely not my first choice when it comes to offloading strictly a domain name. More so for developed websites/businesses than domains imo. Also, they started getting a little pricey if I remember correctly.

    - GoDaddy Auctions - For the most part, atrocious -- at least imo. The UI is outdated, listings get lost in the shuffle unless you pay for the premium homepage/category upsells. They don't offer any stats as far as those upsells go, so who knows what value you're actually getting from them. Is it being shown once on the homepage? 100 times? What? And worst of all they withhold basic stats from your listings -- age, estimated value, etc -- yet they'll show them for their own listings. If you're going to withhold those stats for your customers listings, why show them on your own? This is a simple feature to add, and has been requested endlessly over the years from what I've seen. Yet they choose not to implement it. Thanks but no thanks.

    - Sedo - Hear great things, but haven't had much luck with just the basic free listings.

    - PerfectDomain - Had never used them personally before until just recently. Seems like it has promise. Main thing I dislike is the auto-generated logos. Wish I could switch them to custom logos. Little things like that help drive sales and increase overall value imo.

    - Afternic
    - Had never used them personally before until just recently. V1 UI is terrible, but seems like a decent place to list as far as views/exposure goes. Giving them a shot currently. (Yes, I'm aware they're owned by GoDaddy).

    - DAN
    - This place was my favorite previously, seems pretty much the same. Set my domains name servers to here for now, may switch them to afternic if I don't get any offers.

    Also namePros of course, but I look at namePros as more of a wholesale type marketplace.
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  2. enterscope

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    I've had some good success with Nameliquidate. Probably sold over 100 domains there in the last year.
  3. gericsb

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    NameLiquidate...I think it's part of Epik now.
  4. JTAHoldings


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    Just checked them out, looks pretty cool. Will have to try them out. Wish they allowed the option for a higher max value than $999, though.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys!

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