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Whatever happened to Emoji Domains?

Labeled as question in IDN and Emoji Domain Discussion started by MapleDots, Dec 1, 2018.


  1. christopherjohn

    christopherjohn Founder of Naming.Media

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    I still like emoji domains. For me they always were additional marketing tools. Not replacements for existing domains. But just like a company can have a website and a Facebook account, and a YouTube channel, and advertise in papers and on billboards...they might also want an emoji domain. Because, they have characteristics that no other domains have. They are colourful, context giving pictures- a language on all smartphones. If you add emoji to text to give context and increase engagement, why not also do that with links?
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  2. AutoDealer

    AutoDealer Established Member

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    I saw several on a drop list about ten years ago. I thought it was a stupid idea and that they wouldn't really take off. I now have two one character domains, both .cc and one of them is the pi symbol. I'm pretty sure it's worthless but I'm going to hang on to them.
  3. Haris

    Haris Best Domainer Of The End-Times VIP

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  4. Domainstore

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    Interesting offer.
  5. Page Howe

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    so with emoji domains, ill share some of my mindset,

    to make money in domains you have to buy when something isnt popular.. unless your really good at chasing.. ie you can find a trend where domains, like 4L are all worth $2000 , and you can somehow buy for $1000.

    so yes i like one word .com's better than emoji domains, will anyone sell me a dictionary .com used in everyday speech for less than $5000, im waiting waiting waiting

    and again i could be wrong and have been on other sectors of domains.. but if emoji domains were slam dunk valuable right now, i couldnt buy as many as i have at the prices i have..

    so yes i need something to change, i need to hold while the sentiment about emoji domains improves, maybe it will and maybe it wont

    but yes im making what i consider a reasonable speculation to pay my $20 a year renewals because after my up front investment of $100-1200 thats all i can lose.

    and they are a bit confusing, but so was the frickin internet at one time.... not to mention programming your VCR remote and every other new technology

    so i look at it as $20 a year downside,,

    and the upside is i own graphical mobile millennial emotional color domains, using the tried and tested IDN standard with a tld thats been successfully managed for 25 years and is the best tld for emoji since they are not allowed in .com. and , unlike glyphs, are on 100 billion smartphones globally and desktops, tablets and i see them being used in marketing every day on the web, TV in stores..

    so im in.

    Page Howe
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  6. Domains - Wanted

    Domains - Wanted Top Member VIP

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  7. Haris

    Haris Best Domainer Of The End-Times VIP

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    Check the thread I had already shared the final outcome, buyer went silent after i accepted the offer, multiple follow ups, happens with me all the time. Just accepted two low $xxxx offers after negotiation and both buyers are not replying anymore.

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