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It only took me a couple of weeks of work but I finally listed all of my domains on both Afternic AND Sedo. I've set up the Afternic nameservers on most of my domains (better to pay 15% commission than 25%). I've set up a couple domains on Sedo (the ones that were not accepted on Afternic). I have tested different landers on Afternic (I am now testing PARKING on all of my domains to see if that has any potential whatsoever to bring in any revenue) but I think I will end up with the lander with Lease To Own.

I was wondering what would be next steps in my efforts to sell some of the domains that I have accumulated over the years? (I only sold 3 domains in my life and the buyers had to practically twist my arm for those sales :xf.grin: ).

I was thinking to pay to enter some of my domains into an Auction but then I read a long discussion about domainers being not happy with goDaddy auctions because of scammers who raise the price for the first bidder who then does not pay and the domain goes to the 2nd in line who's last bid could be 90% less! I wouldn't want to participate in that nonsense! Are there any genuine honest domain Auctions out there? I mean - all it would take to prevent this would be to say: If the winning bidder backs out, then the whole Auction is void! Also - do most of the Auctions have no reserve? How does that work if I were to list a domain that Estibot and everybody else estimates at $8000? Wouldn't that likely go to someone who just bids $250 for example?

Should I also list my domains in other Marketplaces? And if so, which ones? 🤔

Thank you all for any suggestions on how I can move forward towards successful sales! 🙏
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