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Good morning!

NamePros is working on a lot of new and exciting features, and many of them are thanks to member suggestions in our Comments and Feedback section.

We'd love to hear even more! What else would you like us to add for you?

All suggestions are welcome, from small and simple changes to big and complex features!

Please post below, or submit your suggestions privately.

Let us know what you'd like us to build!
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They read and delete instead of replying. @HotKey had 2 posts hidden from view in 2 days.
Dont be you bro, be me 😂
Namepros needs divine intervention, everyone please post in the prayer thread 🙏
For the record, this did not sit well with me and still doesn't. Deleting posts is a serious matter, particularly from stalwart members by anonymous mods.
Namepros Remains Full of Scammers

Namepros is one of the top domaining communities, but it's disheartening to see the persistence of scam activities that tarnish the platform's integrity.

I've previously suggested implementing a requirement for a 100 impact score before members can engage in trades. Unfortunately, this has not yet been adopted, and the issue persists. To further the efforts in creating a safer trading environment, I suggest the following enhanced measures:

  1. Mandatory Use of Trusted Escrow Services: Transactions should only be conducted through reputable escrow services such as PayPal, DAN, and Escrow.com. This will add an extra layer of security for both buyers and sellers, ensuring funds are safely held until the domain transfer is verified.
  2. Establishment of a NamePros Escrow Service: Creating an in-house escrow service tailored to our community's needs could offer more secure, efficient transactions. This service would need to adhere to strict security standards to ensure the utmost trust from our users.
  3. Stringent Identity Verification for Sellers and Buyers: Implementing a rigorous identity verification process for anyone wishing to buy or sell on Namepros would significantly reduce the number of scammers. This process could include submitting government-issued ID, a video verification call, and other fraud-prevention measures.
  4. Educational Resources on Scam Prevention: In all sales threads, Namepros should link to a comprehensive guide to educate members on recognizing and avoiding scams.

Scammers are preying on honest domainers every day.

Is NamePros ready to get serious and take action to keep its members safe?
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