What Is The Best Way To Get My Domain To Sell Fast?

Labeled as question in Domain Selling and Domain Sales, started by JaydenSmith10, Oct 27, 2020


  1. JaydenSmith10

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    I'm having trouble getting bids on my domain are there any tips i should know to sell it faster?
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  2. Gold Account

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    The truth is. there is no special tricks. I will say this if it's good you simply need to list it to get bids. the domain probably isn't as great as you thought. It can happen to the best of us.

    Best way to get your domain to sell fast? Buy/Register domains that sell themselves.

    none of these "hmm maybe 1 or 10 people will want this domain"

    It should be more like "I know for sure I get 1 to 100 to buy this domain not because they need it but because they can flip it someday to an enduser.

    Tricks to sell fast? no such thing. It takes PLANNING AHEAD of time.

    I see guys on here register domains with the intention of not selling in a month for quick money but like 9 months later. during that time. they have gone to all the websites they can to post about the domain. If even after that the domain has no bids or even traffic? just give it up.

    Imagine a domain you just registered that you've posted in sites (that will not be named as per Namepros rules) and on namepros.

    If you have a paid account you can keep bumping the thread for your domain. Do it on other sites if you can. Get your domain FRONT AND CENTER the more exposure? The more clicks.

    So say your domain is on Godaddy? If you get a ton of views, that in an of itself adds perceived value to the domain. You ca 800-1000 views on your domain? You don't think people would throw in a bid or two?

    And that's all you need. ONE BID and another. From my observations. It tends to have a snowball effect for the most part.

    It's not an exact science. If it was everyone would be doing it. Of course all of the above boils down to whether your domain is good or sucks.

    without mention the domains you need to sell fast. We can't really help you. But we'll assume it sucks or else it would have bids already and you would not feel the need to create this thread.
  3. Truespin Domains

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    Are your domains actually good? Do they have value? It's hard to answer this question without knowing the quality of the product.
  4. JaydenSmith10

    JaydenSmith10 New Member

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    Im not sure what makes a domain good but its estimated value is around $800.

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