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  1. Sathyam

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    Hi Domainers,

    As a domainer we see the market, their trend, search for new words and wish that the words we Regd based on the current trend sells or the new words we have might become a Buzz word in the future and gets us fortunes.

    When we have a domain name Idea, we mostly go for .Com which is the commonly used TLD. But now we have a challenge where soemtimes the potential buyer or user settles for some other TLD and we end up reselling it for a lesser price.

    Is it advisable or prudent to acquire all good TLDs for the domain name if we got a great Domain name idea or should we stay conservative and calculative and go for only the .Com or your preferred domain extension only.
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    Stick with only the .com. All those crypto currency domains you see in multiple extensions are the exception rather than the rule. You'll be wasting your money. how many of these other TLDs, nGTLDs sell for real money? It's part of the risks you need to juggle. IMHO.
  3. bmugford

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    Most people drawn to new extensions are just looking for a cheap option, and never were going to really pay much of a premium for a domain any way.

    There is a reason .COM has more recorded sales than every other extension combined.
    Play the odds.

  4. garptrader

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    Years ago before all these new extensions were launched I used to register the .Net of my .COM acquisitions for protection purposes. However, I found that when I tried to sell the .Net to .COM buyers they were almost always not interested. So I starting dropping many of my .Net domains. Yes I did find cases where someone developed on the dropped .Net but most users have reg fee budgets. Now with a thousand new extensions it is impossible to register all the possible combinations when most buyers with a real budget are only interested in the .COM. And if some company launches on some odd extension becomes big eventually they will come looking for the .COM. Can you imagine Facebook.Life? What a joke.
  5. Kuffy

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    Put an email box on the .com, and forward any misdirected emails to the company with a covering note. If you get enough, they may get the hint and buy your name - I'd up the price as well to cover the cost of the investment. :)
  6. Sathyam

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    Yeah, .COM still remains the extension to beat. But with some of the non .COM single word domains getting 6digit sale. Not bad to have .ORG as well.

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