question What do you all think of words ending with cctlds?

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I recently registered 3 domains in which the cctld extensions make up the final word n the url.
For example, services ends with es so using a .es extension or .it for
What are your thoughts and do they have much of a demand?

Thank you all :)
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that's called a hack. They are alright, i'd stick with just techie ones for the most part. isn't all that great, most ppl buying shoes are not going to understand or appreciate it. sold for 14k (i think) awhile back.
I like them as a surfer, search engines understand these hacks and there great for branding.

It all depends on the extension or TLD that completes the word/s, .es is troublesome to transfer to different registrants and some others have restrictions on trading/transfer or are very costly to renew

One major plus with ccTLDs is they are very unlikely to disappear as each have their respective countries to represent.
Thank you @doubleU & @JayT for the replies.
Yeah they did require extra verification. Renewal is standard and haven't looked at the transfer process yet. Just hand reg'd them a few days ago so will hold on to them for a while incaase I decide to do something with them. I do have the .xyz for one of them. 2 are .es and 1 is a .it

I just thought they were good and I think it was one of those impulse buys but I do like them. They are all 2 worded.